Research Output Showcase

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A Critical Perspective on Mental Health Apps

Kelly Ge, Western University

A Descriptive Review of Sexual Dysfunction Treatments

Yuemei Wu, Western University

A Photoswitchable Hydrogen Bond Array

Kristen L. Perry, Western University
Fereshteh Davoud, The University of Western Ontario
James A. Wisner

A prediction rule to guide JAK2 mutation testing in patients with elevated hemoglobin levels

Ian Cheong, Western University

A Systematic Review of Age-Period-Cohort Effects on Labour Market Outcome and Workplace Experience among Sexual and Gender Minorities

Oluwatofarati O. Oloketuyi, Western University

A Transformer-Based Classification System for Volcanic Seismic Signals

Cristian Bravo Roman, Western University
Cindy Mora Stock, Western University
Alexander James Hemming, Western University

Abdullah Saadeddin USRI Research output: Whiteboard Video

Abdullah Saadeddin Mr, Western University

Active Grid Producing Turbulence in the Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel

Anthony Alexander M. Stiles, Western University

Addressing First Nations' Concerns in Water Sharing Agreements

Cynthia Huo

Adolescent girls physical activity engagement and body image development

Vanessa Coulbeck

African Immigrants' Mental Health in Canada

Jessica O. Omorodion, Western University

AI and You: How Artificial Intelligence Impacts the Western Community

Nathalie C. Diberardino, Western University

An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Exercise Training-Based Cardiac Rehabilitation to Improve Aerobic Fitness

Rojin Gharaezibaei, Western University

An Investigation of Corporate Neurodiversity Employment Programs

Zuoyi Zhou, Western University
Christine Elegado, Western University

Assessing Metacognition in Rats

Abagail Hennessy, Western University

Assessing Reading Comprehension and Memory Recall of Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Jasmeen Mander, Western University

Assessing selective plasmids for Bradyrhizobium sp. DOA9 and Mesorhizobium loti

Aiden J. Wilcox, Western University
Rebecca Meaney, Western University
Bogumil Karas, Western University

Automated Extraction of Key Words and Abstract

Oluwadarasimi Temitope Ogunshote Mr., Western University

Biocompatible in situ gelling hydrogel formulations for intra-articular drug delivery

Charlotte E. Thomsen, Western University

Biomechanical Differences Between Recreational and Collegiate Runners

Ryan J. Evans, Western University

Bridging the Gap between Muscle and Bone: Examining Tendon Identity and Development

Amel Sassi, Western University

Canadian Consortium for Neurodegeneration in Aging (CCNA)

Nandita Manoj

Catch Me If You Can: Questionable Modelling Assumptions and Parameter Choices and Their Impact on Drug Reimbursement Decisions

Lina Ghattas, Western University

Categorical Aspects of Graphs

Jacob D. Ender, Western University

CCN1 Levels in Duchenne Modelled Mice

Sami Berihun, Western University

Centre for Activity and Aging (CCAA)

Brinda Patel, Western University

Changes in Children's and Parents' Physical Activity Levels During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Literature Review

Kshitija Mundle, Western University

Characterizing Cancer Associated Fibroblasts from Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma Patient Samples

Rachel Lu

Characterizing SUDEP dentate gyrus morphometry

Chelsey Zhao, Western University

Characterizing the Heterogeneity of Adult-Onset Leukoencephalopathy with Axonal Spheroids: A Digital Spatial Profiling Study

Peter Liu, Western University

Ciculant Matrix and FFT

Thomas S. Devries

Coding Ivey Publishing: Building Sustainable Values for Tomorrow's Business Leaders

B. Pick, Western University

Community Mobility and Age-Related Vision Loss

Emily Laliberte, Western University

Comparing semi-automated segmentation of traditional-resolution and high-resolution hyperpolarized 129Xe MRI on COVID-19 survivors

Tingting Wu

Consent in Young Adult Fiction

Angelina Havaris, Western University

Contemporary Mathematical Approaches to Computability Theory

Luis Guilherme Mazzali de Almeida

Continuous Gravitational Wave Skymaps

Sheel N. Patel
Sree Ram Valluri, Western University

Contract Law Illegality Spreadsheet

Jaidyn S. McEwen Ms

Conversion Bridge of Sony SubLvds to MIPI CSI-2

Oladayo R. Ogunjimi, Western University

COVID Contemporary: An Exploration of the Art Industry in the Age of a Pandemic

Catherine Cassels, Western University

Creation of the Database for the Don Wright Faculty of Music's Opera Costume Collection

Ashley Carpenter, Western University

Crop Type and Land Cover Mapping in Malawi Utilizing Sentinel-1, Sentinel-2 and PlanetScope Satellite Data

Naythan Samuda, Western University

Cross-Platform Mobile Data Collection Tool

Keegan B. Mongru Mr., Western University

CT and Hyperpolarized 129Xe MRI Structure-Function Relationships of Post-Acute COVID-19 Syndrome

Vedanth Desaigoudar

Cultivating a definitive volunteer training program for large disability sport events

Avery M. O'Neil, Western University

“Dear past me, know that you are deserving of compassion and care”: Exploring the self-compassionate writings of adolescent girls managing weight-related threats in physical activity

Jade A. Bailey

Depression & Anxiety in Brain vs. Body Trauma Patients

Olivia Mercier

Detecting graphene nanosheets on leaves​ of Ceratophyllum Demersum ​

Teresa A. Buragina, Western University

Developing a Bytownite Calibration Curve as a Lunar Analogue

Trevor W. Matterson, Western University

Developing a Lap-On-Chip Sensor for Continuous Oxygen Monitoring in Microfluidics

Devarsh A. Shah, Western University

Development of a Low Field MRI-Based Approach for Observation of Water Penetration into Clay: Preliminary Results

Shivam Gupta, Western University

Development of a Low-Cost Algometer

Thomas D. Naish, Western University
Ana Luisa Trejos, Western University
Dave M. Walton, Western University

Development of a Shoulder Implant Testing System to Evaluate Implant Fixation

Allen Sun

Development of the HAFIE Questionnaire - A Focus Group Based Study

Selina Liao, University of Western Ontario

Development of Tumour Contours to Support Generation of a Novel Algorithm to Predict Tumour Mutational Burden in Squamous Lung Cancer

Binit Pokharel

Digital Navigation for Shoulder Arthroplasty

Jeremy Silver-Mahr, Western University

Discovering the brain activation patterns associated with somatosensory stimulation in the lower extremity in healthy adults at rest: preliminary results for a systematic review

Siying Luan

Distributed Parallel Processing

Adrian Wu, Western University

Divorcing Imperial Forms of Feminist Scholarship, Knowledge and Practice from Indian Forms: A Knowledge Mobilization Project

Maahi Patel

Do Languages Exist? The Metaphysics of Public Languages

Nadia Miller, Western University

Does Culture Affect the Ability to Learn and Use Categories?

Maya Ghai
Zarah Ghulamhussain

Effect of Carbon Monoxide Releasing Molecule 3 (CORM - 3) on Platelet Adhesion to Human Brain Microvascular Endothelial Cells

Najat S. El-Farra, Western University

Effects of COVID-19 Pandemic on Migrant Farm Workers in Windsor/ Essex

Tiffany P A Johnston, Western University

Effects of Levodopa on Speech Intensity and Rate in Parkinson's Disease

Isabelle Choon-Kon-Yune, Western, University

Effects of long-term N-acetylcysteine treatment on islet morphology in the pancreas of high fat diet induced T2DM in mice

Si Yi Zhang, Western University

Eigenvalue Problems on Atypical Domains - The Finite Element Method

Toufiic Ayoub, Western University

Empowering the Human-Nature Bond

Valeria A. Widjaja, Ivey Business School, Western University

Enablers and Drivers of the Rapid Shift to Virtual Care in Ontario During COVID-19

Kelly Zhang Zheng

Environmental Health and Green Space Equity

Shannon James

Evaluating Algorithms Used For Fetal Brain Scan Segmentation

Connor Stewart Burgess, Western University

Evaluating Effect of Tree Canopy Cover on Human Thermal Comfort

Arthur Dolinar, Western University

Evaluating Machine Learning Model Stability for Software Bug Prediction

Joud El-Shawa, Western University

Examining the effect of social isolation on longevity in Drosophila melanogaster

Shauna Morrell

Excavations at North Field Poster

Sydney G. Durham

Exhibitions as Artworks - Research Output

Kaitlyn German, Western University

Expanding Horizons: China’s Perception and Management of Globalization

Xiaofan Mu

Exploring leisure, social participation in older adults

Zahra Fatina, Western University

Exploring sensitivity and resolution for cell tracking with Magnetic Particle Imaging: the effects of cell proliferation and intracellular nanoparticle relaxation

Maryam A. Berih, Western University
Olivia C. Sehl, Robarts Research Institute
Paula J. Foster, Robarts Research Institute

Exploring Sensory Phenotypes in Autistic Children and Children with ADHD

Anahid Pourtousi, Western University

Exploring the Environmental Factors that Shape the Experiences of Risk for Older Adults

Bernice Chung, Western University

Exploring the Range of Projectile Point Types on the Late Woodland Middle Ontario Iroquoian Dorchester Village Site

Julia M C Currado, Western University

Falls in Mid-life: A Scoping Literature Review

Nicole Struthers, Western University

Familiarity as a Motivator for Information-Seeking

Danielle Raynes-Goldfinger, Western University

Filling the Gap: Development of Best Practice Guidelines to Support Speech-Language Pathologists Working with Autistic Clients

Lauren Choi, Western University

Fine-scale morphological divergence of wing trait variables in highly fragmented populations of the bog copper butterfly (Lycaena epixanthe)

Jessica L. T. Jeong, Western University

Food Safety in Canada

Brianne Powell

Forest City Memories: Rethinking London's Past and Present

Athena Nadalin, Western University
Kaity Adam, Western University

Fostering Healthy Student-Teacher Relationships through Mathematics: A Student's Perspective

Emily Catherine Beaulieu

Four Canadian Faculties of Music: A Preliminary Investigation into Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and De-colonization in Post Secondary Education

Cynthia Lê, Western University
Sara Shifaw, Western University

Gap Junction Linked Variants

Vienna Fu, Western University

Gender-Based Violence Survey

Alyssa J. Madhani, Western University

General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) data in transportation research: A review of applications and methods

Stanley Ho, Western University

Generating Cisplatin Resistant HPV-positive HNSCC cell lines

Temitope Akintola, Western University

Global Impact of Social Determinants on Access to Childhood Hearing Healthcare: A Scoping Review

Bahar Rafinejad-Farahani, Western University

Governance in Post-Secondary Institutions

Kyla Johnson

Grenville Front Tectonic Zone : Research Output Blog

Maha Noor Alam, Western University

Hippocampal Segmentation Fetal Brain Project

Emily Huang

Homeless Population Enumeration

Ji-soo Jennifer Choi, Western University

How the Coronavirus Pandemic has Affected the Mental Health of University Faculty

Sarah K. Wallace, Western University


How the Pandemic Ravaged the Food Retail Environment

Anand Singh Kukreja, Western University

How the Shift to Pass/Fail Grading in Law School Affects Student Learning

Delara Jamshidi, Western University

How the USRI Program Has Helped Prepare Me for Graduate School; A Critical Reflection

Varsha Vasudevan

Identifying an efficient cellulose extraction method

Kassandra Pineda, Western University

IGDA Developer Satisfaction Survey 2021 Summary Report

Ezgi Inceefe

Impact of Larval Diet on Growth Parameters of the True Armyworm, Pseudaletia unipuncta (Haworth)

Curtis D. Jeffrey, Western University

Implicit Statistical Learning Facilitates Second Language Acquisition in Adult Learners

Elise Alexander, Western University
Laura Batterink, Western University
Steven Van Hedger, Huron University College, Canada

Incorporating action information into computational models of the human visual system

Justin Zhou, Western University

Integrating Residents as Partners in Long-Term Care (LTC) Research

Ruthie Zhuang, Western University

Interdisciplinary Development Initiative (IDI) entitled “Emerging team initiative to reduce inequities in maternal and child lifestyle health

Rozhan Momen

Intergenerational Transmission of Functional Connectivity Profiles in Isolated Reading and Math Networks: A Scoping Review and Study Proposal

Ashini Peiris, Western University
Ira Gupta, Western University
Lien Peters, Western University
Eric D. Wilkey, Western University

Investigating adherence to screening guidelines for cardiometabolic disease in persons with spinal cord injury at the Parkwood Institute Outpatient Clinic

Luxshmi Nageswaran, Western University

Investigating DHA Levels in Rat Brain Tissues in Relation to Maternal THC Exposure Using MALDI-IMS

Aleksandra (Ola) Doktor, Western University

Investigating Gene-Environment Interaction in a Double-Hit Model for Autism Spectrum Disorder

Melvin Maroon, Western University

Investigating stop codon readthrough in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Amy Kwon, Western University

Investigating the Corporatization of the University: Financial Trends

Mileva Laura Boghosian, Western University

Investigating the Statistical and Policy Frameworks Used to Gauge Potential Pharmacotherapy Recalls: A Scoping Review

Benson Law, Western University

Is Tik-Tok Body Positive?

Grace N. Solylo, Western University

Learning how to build a neural network model of the tactile periphery

Vicky Chang

Lessons from USRI 2021: Consumer Behaviour Edition - Empathy and Brand Size

Michelle A. Li Chen, Western University

Liam Briggs 2021 USRI - Audio Testing Device

Liam Briggs, Western University

Light Emitting Electrochemical Cells (LECs)

Zack Whitworth, Western University

Listening to Children in Health Matters

Neha Gulati, Western University

Lithium Dubbed CsPbBr3 Perovskite Nanocrystals

Siena Idoine

L’élément chinois de l’identité canadienne : un commerce initial impliquant le thé et le ginseng

Amanda Lee, Western University

Maker Education in Mathematics

Jade Roy, Western University
Frank Oliveira, Western University
Celina Murray, Western University

Managing Parkinson's: Resources and Support

Emily Brinovec

Memoir Dataset: Quantifying Image Memorability in Adolescents

Gal Almog, Western University
Yalda Mohsenzadeh, Western University

Memories recorded through media: Surviving Memory in Postwar El Salvador

Nyren MO

Mental Health and Paramedics

Anna Ding, Western University

Meta Diversiteam Summer Progress Report

Brian J. Chang Mr, Ivey Business School

Metallothioneins: Nature's Sponge for Metals

Connor S. Durfy, Western University

Micromotion of Tibial Trays

Brett M. MacDonald, Western University

MITACS Female NGOs use of Twitter during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Riley M. McLaughlin, Western University

Modeling Weather Vulnerability Dynamically: Applications of Multiple Linear Regression to Weather Index Microinsurance

Sophie Wu, Western University

Modelling Travelling Waves on Elastic Blood Vessels

Karnav R. Raval, Western University

Money and Local Democracy: Local Campaign Finance Regimes in Canada

Brittany L. Bouteiller, Western University

Monitoring at-home care patients through a scalar polar plot visualization of motion sensor data

Michael McGavin, Western University

Mountains, Not Mines: The Issue of Coal Mining on the Eastern Slopes

Tyler Tisdelle

Mozart and Genius: Music and Philosophy

Aidan Witvoet, Western University

Multimodal Teaching and Learning Analytics

Ali Ravaee
Adrian Yung
Hamid Zargar

Municipal Elections in Quebec: How Political Parties can Strengthen the Democratic Process

Amanda M. Gutzke, Western University

My USRI Experience: Completing a Scoping Review

Rabani Nagra, Western University

Network Health Monitoring System

Zeeshan Siddiqui, Western University

Neural representation of stimulus category membership across modalities

Carson Rumble-Tricker, Western University

Non-invasive techniques of coping with TBI

Mubina Merchant

Numerical modelling of a novel 3D T-junction microfluidic droplet generator

Andrew G.H. Roberts, Western University

Numerical Simulation of Adaptive Metabolic Response to Anti-angiogenic Treatment in Renal Cell Carcinoma

Saranya Varakunan, Western University

Ontario Active School Travel Policy Qualitative Survey

Erika S. Romanelli-Baird, Western University

Optimal Denoising for Naturalistic fMRI Data

Brandon J. Yip, Western University

Optimization of DNA Extraction from Difficult Sandy-loam Soils

Anka Colo, Western University

Optimizing Hospital Capacity to Deal with Hallway Medicine

Megan Wismer, Western University

Optimizing Non-flammable Liquid Electrolyte for Sodium-ion Battery

Zi Jun Su, Western University

Oxytocin does not mediate lithium chloride (LiCl)-induced non-social environmentally conditioned disgust behaviour (anticipatory nausea) in male rats

Vangel Matic, Western University

ParkSeek Canada

Alyssa O. Aglipay

Partner Effects May Be Weaker Than We Thought. What Does That Mean for Relationship Science?

Madeline J. Bloomberg, Western University


Ting Hsueh, Western University

Phenomenology in Fifteen Minutes

Huei-Ying Cheng, Western University

Plurilingualism in the FSL Classroom and Beyond

Rachel L. Wohlgemut, Western University

Point Substitutions in G Protein-Coupled Receptors

Jessica Brown, Western University

Policing Perspectives of Human Trafficking

Joanne V. Silva, Western University

Porous Solids Against Climate Change: Exploring CO2 Adsorption in Cobalt Metal Organic Frameworks

Marco Quintanilla-Riviere, Western University

Post-activation Potentiation & Aging

Sohum Kulkarni, Western University

Predicting Altruism with Personality “Beyond” the Big Five

Sereena Dargan, Western University

Presentation on Peer Mentorship

Chris W. Ruffell, Western University

println ("End");

Samantha N. Wagter

Problems of portrayal: Archaeology

Viktoria Bodo, Western University

Qualitative Study of Sensory Processing in Autism Spectrum Disorder

Michelle M. Luszawski, Western University

Quantitative Analysis of Musical Texture

Orko Oyon, Western University

Race, Distrust, and Vaccine Hesitancy

Kharissa Edwards, Western University
Sinead Osivwemu, Western University
Carolyn McLeod, The University of Western Ontario

Racial Inequalities in Canadian Academia: The Case for Examining Within Discipline Variation

Sydney O. Joao Ms, Western University
Kate Choi, Western University
Patrick Denice, Western University

Reaction Attacks Against Various Public-Key Cryptosystems

James D. Mitchell, Western University

Real-Time Edge-Enabled Video Surveillance

Catriona Chan, Western University

Reliability and Validity of the OnPoint System for Quantifying Performance of the Star Excursion Balance Test

Adam Redgrift, Western University

Research Skills Development at AFAR

Matthew Williamson, Western University

Researching the Occupations and Lives of Women in 19th Century Baltimore

Michaela N. Yarmol-Matusiak, Western University

Role of Synovial Macrophages in Knee Osteoarthritis

Andrew Maher, Western University

Running Behaviour in Impalas in Response to Various Levels of Predation Threat

Alisiia Glushak


Justine A. Dryburgh

Scoping review: food as an axis to shaping social participation for older adults

Ashley J. Goveas, Western University

scRNA seq analysis of EBV+ associated gastric cancer

Eric Wang

Searching for New Relations among the Eilenberg-Zilber maps

Owen T. Abma, Western University

Shakespeare's Stages

Denise Zhu

Si-Ge-Sn Alloys for Optoelectronic Applications

Mikayla Davila

Simulating 129-Xe Hyperpolarization

Jacob F. Abiad, Western University

Site Characterization Using Non-Invasive Seismic Testing Methods

Tess A. Leishman, Western University

Social Cognition Across Eating Disorders: A Systematic Review

Jina C. Kim, Western University

Some Progress on Random Matrix Theory (RMT)

Feiying Yang, Western University

Spectral Graph Theory and Research

Nathan H. Kershaw, Western University
Lewis Glabush, Western University

Speech and song classification themes across childhood and adulthood

Sarah Sequeira, Western University

Speed and Accuracy For Partial Differential Equation Solvers

Aidan Grasby, Western

Stability of Dispersive-Dissipative Wave Equations

Mahima Siali, Western University

Stable hydrogen isotopes of aquatic-emergent versus terrestrial insects in Southern Ontario

Celina Y. Tang, Western University

Star Political Candidates in Canada

Mateo Larrazabal, Western University

Structural Oxygen- and Hydrogen- Isotope Exchange in Smectite-Bearing Clays

Antonina Struminski-Bodden

Structural Tuning of Two-Dimensional Perovskites at High Pressure

Lauren A. DiLoreto, Western University

Studies of subvarieties of classical complex algebraic geometry

Wenzhe Wang

Successful Leadership Development

Kevin E. Gruber

Synthesis of Nucleotide Prodrugs as Potential Antiviral Agents

Mohammed Attaelmanan, Western University

Synthesis of Photoluminescent Metal-Chalcogen Clusters for Potential OLED Applications


Systematic Literature Review

Marissa M. Almeida Ms.

Tapping into Talent: Neurodiversity Employment Research Project

Christine Elegado
Alan Zhou

Task-Based and Resting-State Functional Connectivity in Children with Dyscalculia

Ira Gupta, Western University

TEACH Pilot Study: Implementation of an e-Learning Course in Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour for Pre- and In-Service Early Childhood Educators (ECEs)

Faith E.A Heidary, Western University of Health Sciences
Brianne A. Bruijns, Western University of Health Sciences
Patricia Tucker, Western University

Ten 'Thorny' Data Collection Practices of Research Use

Proshat Nouri, Western University

The Application of Machine Learning to Help Identify Oceanic Anoxic Event 2 in Shales

Marc Mechem, Western University

The Athletic Body: Eating Disorders in Canadian Sport History

Kimberly Callander, Western University

The Cofactor Specificity of NQO2

Shujun Dong, Western University

The community sport landscape: City of London

Abigail Perfetti, Western University

The COVID-19 Post-Lockdown Effect: Labour Shortages and Struggling Food Retail Businesses

Victoria S. Chang, Western University
Suzanne Chang, Western University

The Dorchester Site: Bone Awl Analysis

Aine E. Palmer

The effect of dietary thiaminase on two strains of lake trout (Salvelinus namaycush) currently stocked in Lake Ontario

Peter Baker, Western University

The Effect of Sprint Interval Training and Intermittent Fasting on Cognitive Function

Dana Taghaddos, Western University

The Effects of Estrogen in the Glucoregulatory Response to Exercise in Type 1 Diabetes

Mitchell James Sammut, Western University

The effects of hydrogen diffusion in zirconium alloys

Ruhi R. Celik, Western University

The effects of resistance training to improve brain health in older adults with obesity AND Relationships between cognition and physical activity across the lifespan

Ryu Lien

The Experiences of Healthcare Workers and Lawyers Engaging in Remote Work

Desha Puri, Western University
Tracey L. Adams Dr., Western University

The Impact of Mental Fatigue on Motor Unit Firing Behaviour: a Pilot Study

Bernadette C. Tierney Ms., Western University

The IMPACT Radiological Mummy Database

Precious Adebola Adekoya

The Impacts of Mid-Holocene Warming on Water Quality in a Southwestern Ontario Kettle Pond

Morgan E. Peicheff, Western University

The Influence of the Social Determinants of Health on Para-sports Involvement Throughout the Caribbean and Americas

Laura Misener, Western University

The Interaction of Deer and Hunters in Oklahoma, USA

Caitlyn R. North, Western University

The Necessity of Public Humanities

Matthew Dawkins, Western University

The Neural Basis of Callous-Unemotional Traits & Aggression in Youth

Nate A. Hostetler, Western University

The Optimization of Cable Domes

Hannah Tulloch, Western University

The Orgasm Gap: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Noemie Bouchars, Western University

The Parallel Pandemic: A Systematic Review on the Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Eating Disorders and OCD in Children and Adolescents

Nasong A. Luginaah, Western University

The Right to Repair: (Re)building A Better Future

Jumana Labib, Western University

The role of Pannexin 3 in forced exercise bone remodelling and its potential implications for osteoarthritis

Justin Tang, Western University

The Role of TIMP3 in Regulating Microvascular Endothelial Cell-ECM Interactions and Barrier Function

Hayley Thode, Western University

The State of Ohio’s Auditors, the Enumeration of Population and the Project of Eugenics

Moe Faroukh, Ivey Business School at Western University

Thematic Differences in memories generated to different types of musical stimuli

Danielle A. Tino Ms.

Theodore Roosevelt's Relevancy Today: Historical Memory in the 21st Century

Isabel T. Vitkin Ms., Western University

Towards Standardized Assessment of Paraspinal Muscle Using MRI

Hamza Mirza

Tracing hydrogen in the Cucumis sativus plant using stable isotopes

John Diemert, Western University

Trends Of Rain-On-Snow Events In the Red And Assiniboine Basin

Husein Mokbel, Western University

Trends Of Rain-On-Snow Events In the Red And Assiniboine Basin - Presentation

Husein Mokbel, Western University

Trouble Source Repair (TSR) Coding

Kyla M. Finlayson, Western University

Tsunami early warning

Yao Li

Understanding Physician Engagement with Ontario Health Teams

Atharv Joshi, Western University

Understanding the Challenges and Resilience among Visible Minority Essential Workers: Preparing for Future Pandemics in Ontario

Quinn Talbot

Understanding the Impact of COVID-19 on Physical and Mental Fatigue in Youth with Cerebral Palsy

Nathan WC Yang Mr., Western University

Understanding the role of RHAMM in tumor load– mediated tumor invasiveness of Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Ashwin Sritharan, Western University
Britney Messam, Western University

Understanding the Smoking Pipes of the Dorchester Iroquoian Village

Victoria Martin, Western University

Using an Analytical Approach of The Kuramoto Model to Stimulate 3D Neural Activity of The Stomach

Morteza Al Rabya, Western University

Using Centrality and Standardness Measures to Provide Insights into our Knowledge of Common Events and Activities

Beatrice Valmana Crocker, Western University

Using Qualitative Methods to Examine Influences on Active School Travel and Children’s Health

Sheena Ye, Western University

Using Social Media as a Recruitment Tool in Qualitative Research

Erica Lo

Using WGCNA for Comprehensive Understanding of Genes Involved in Suberin Biosynthesis from RNA-seq data Analysis

Stephanie Wu

USRI Research Poster

Christian Undseth, Western University

USRI Summer Experience

Aleida Prinzen, Western University

Utilizing "Third Space" to Support Students with Refugee Backgrounds

Susie Redecop, Western University

Validation of novel approach for automating respiratory mechanics and electromyography analysis

Annie Liu Ms., Western University

Ventilatory and gas exchange kinetics in response to progressively increasing work rate transitions in humans.

Alexandra Ward, Western University

Vibrational & Thermal Analysis of Space Instrumentation (CubeSat/MSI)

Wen Bo, Western University

Web Application – Utilizing a Pose Estimation and Augmented Reality API for Hand Telerehabilitation

Herbert Shin, Western University

Xenobiotic Mediated Diabetes: How Mite Humans Learn to Cope

Min Yi Feng, Western University

You Are What You Eat: Micro-CT Analysis of Early Triassic Coprolites

Olivia N. Benest, Western University