Film Studies Publications


Research within Film Studies Publications explores the art of cinema from a multidisciplinary perspective, examining the history of film, visual and musical components and gender and sexuality.


Submissions from 2011


Deleuze and Film Music, Gregg Redner

Submissions from 2010

Detours Homeward: Indigenous Uses of the Road Movie, Wendy Gay Pearson

Hysteria, Freedom and the score for Terrence Malick’s Thin Red Line., Gregg Redner

Music, Space and Deleuze: Reconciling Strauss, Nietzsche and Kubrick in the dance of becoming, which is 2001: A Space Odyssey., Gregg Redner

The Poet and the Politician: Considering the representation of masculinity in Carlos Saura’s Blood Wedding, Gregg Redner

The Subversion of Sex: A Deleuzian Analysis of Alex North’s score for A Streetcar Named Desire, Gregg Redner

White Wall/ Black Hole: A Deleuzian exploration of Philip Glass’ score for A Brief History of Time, Gregg Redner

Al Pacino: From the Mob to the Mineshaft, Joe Wlodarz

Submissions from 2009

European Film Theory: From Crypto-nationalism to Transnationalism, Paul Coates

Just Gaming? Kieślowski’s Blind Chance and Tom Tykwer’s Run Lola Run, with a Note on Heaven, Paul Coates

The Law of the Looking Glass: Polish National Cinema, 1896-1939, Paul Coates

Die unheimliche Maschine: Rasse und Repräsentation im Weimarer Kino/The Uncanny Machine: Race and Representation in Weimar Cinema, Tobias Nagl

Louis Brody, Tobias Nagl


Born to Be Bron: Destiny and Destinerrance in Samuel R. Delany’s Trouble on Triton, Wendy Gay Pearson

Queer Theory, Wendy Gay Pearson

Ursula K. Le Guin, Wendy Gay Pearson


Deleuzian sensation and Maurice Jaubert's score for L'Atalante, Gregg Redner

The Division of the One: Leonard Rosenman and the Score for East of Eden, Gregg Redner

‘We’re Not All So Obvious’: Masculinity and Queer (In)visibility in American Network Television of the 1970s, Joe Wlodarz

Submissions from 2008


On the Dialectics of Colour (in general) and Red (in particular): Three Colours: Red, Red Desert, Cries and Whispers and The Double Life of Véronique, Paul Coates


Introduction: Mundane Science Fiction, Harm and Healing the World, Susan Knabe and Wendy Gay Pearson

The Aesthetics of Race in European Film Theory, Tobias Nagl

Alien Cryptographies: The View from Queer, Wendy Gay Pearson


The Pervert’s Guide to Geoff Ryman: Desire, Subjectivity and Identity in Lust and Was, Wendy Gay Pearson

Towards a Queer Genealogy of Science Fiction, Wendy Gay Pearson