Film Studies Publications


Research within Film Studies Publications explores the art of cinema from a multidisciplinary perspective, examining the history of film, visual and musical components and gender and sexuality.


Submissions from 1983


Transformations of the Mirror in the Poetry of Bolesław Leśmian, Paul Coates

Submissions from 1982

Cinema, Symbolism and the Gesamtkunstwerk, Paul Coates

Poems by Adriano Spatola, Paul Coates

Submissions from 1981

Notes on the Novel, Paul Coates

Poems by H.M.Soik, Gerhard Fritsch, Rocco Scotellaro and Mohammed Dib, Paul Coates

Submissions from 1980

Angel in the Midst of False Tongues: On Blue-Stockings by Prus, Paul Coates

The Dialectic of Polish Positivism, Paul Coates

Submissions from 1979

Obce słowa i obcość słów w poezji Bolesława Leśmiana, Paul Coates

Transformacje lustra w poezji Bolesława Leśmiana, Paul Coates