Film Studies Publications


Research within Film Studies Publications explores the art of cinema from a multidisciplinary perspective, examining the history of film, visual and musical components and gender and sexuality.


Submissions from 2004


Interrogating the Epistemology of the Bedroom: Same-Sex Marriage and Sexual Citizenship in Canada, Wendy Gay Pearson

The Queer as Traitor, the Traitor as Queer: Denaturalizing Concepts of Nationhood, Species and Sexuality, Wendy Gay Pearson


Beyond the Black Macho: Queer Blaxploitation, Joe Wlodarz

“Shaft” and “Blaxploitation Films”, Joe Wlodarz

Submissions from 2003

German Debates: Heinrich Böll and the GDR, Janelle Blankenship

Andrzej Wajda’s Imagination of Disaster: War Trauma, Surrealism and Kitsch, Paul Coates

Cinema, Religion and the Romantic Legacy, Paul Coates

Agnieszka Holland, Barbara Sass and Dorota Kedzierzawska in the World of Male Polish Filmmaking, Janina Falkowska

The New Polish Cinema, Janina Falkowska and Marek Haltof

Afrika spricht!‘: Modernismus, Jazz und ‚Rasse‘ im Kino der Weimarer Republik, Tobias Nagl

’Die Entscheidungsschlacht für den deutschen Großfilm.‘ Ohm Krüger (1941) und der historische Nazi-Blockbuster, Tobias Nagl


Homotopia? Or, What's Behind a Prefix?, Wendy Gay Pearson

'I, the Undying’: The Vampire of Subjectivity and the Aboriginal ‘I’ in Mudrooroo’s The Undying, Wendy Gay Pearson


Science Fiction and Queer Theory, Wendy Gay Pearson

Submissions from 2002

Introduction, Janelle Blankenship

Dialectics of Enlightenment: Notes on Wojciech Has’s Saragossa Manuscript, Paul Coates


Kieślowski and the Antipolitics of Color: A Reading of the Three Colors Trilogy, Paul Coates

Why Kieślowski?, Paul Coates

Andrzej Wajda’s Revenge (2002), Janina Falkowska

Melodrama for the Nation: Emily of New Moon, Christopher Gittings

Canadian National Cinema: Ideology, Difference and Representation, Christopher E. Gittings

Screening Gender and Sexuality, Christopher E. Gittings

Louis Brody, Tobias Nagl

Von Kamerun nach Schöneberg. Louis Brody und die schwarze Präsenz im deutschsprachigen Kino vor 1945, Tobias Nagl

Science Fiction as Pharmacy: Plato, Derrida, Ryman, Wendy Gay Pearson