Film Studies Publications


Research within Film Studies Publications explores the art of cinema from a multidisciplinary perspective, examining the history of film, visual and musical components and gender and sexuality.


Submissions from 2002

Sexuality and the Hermaphrodite in Science Fiction, or, the Revenge of Herculine Barbin, Wendy Gay Pearson

Submissions from 2001

Futurist Fantasies: Lukács’ ‘Thoughts Toward an Aesthetic of the Cinema’, Janelle Blankenship

‘Second Nature’ and the Cinema. Rachel Moore’s Savage Theory: Cinema as Modern Magic, Janelle Blankenship

Thoughts Toward an Aesthetic of the Cinema, Janelle Blankenship

Melodrama and the Ideological Cinema of White Invasion/Settlement, Christopher Gittings


"Zero Patience", Genre, Difference, and Ideology: Singing and Dancing Queer Nation, Christopher Gittings

Unpacking the Canoe: Alternative Perspectives on the Canoe as a National Symbol, Susan Knabe and Wendy Gay Pearson

‘An Odd National Entity’: Duplicity, Post-Colonialism and the Queerness of Being Canadian, Wendy Gay Pearson

From The Bush Garden to The Child Garden: Canadian Literary Tropes in the Science Fiction of Geoff Ryman, Wendy Gay Pearson

The Queer German Cinema by Alice Kuzniar, Joe Wlodarz

Rape Fantasies: Hollywood and Homophobia, Joe Wlodarz

Submissions from 2000

Bergman’s Silence, Paul Coates


National Socialism and Literary Adaptation: Gustaf Gründgens's Der Schritt Vom Wege and Helmut Käutner's Kleider Machen Leute, Paul Coates


Notes on Polish Cinema, Nationalism and Wajda’s Holy Week, Paul Coates


Observing the Observer: Andrzej Wajda’s Holy Week (1995), Paul Coates


Shifting Borders: Konwicki, Zanussi and the Ideology of “East-Central Europe”, Paul Coates

National Cinemas in Postwar East-Central Europe, Janina Falkowska

Allegory, Chris Gittings

Jack Hodgins, Chris Gittings

Submissions from 1999


From Personnel to No End: Kieślowski’s political feature films, Paul Coates

Introduction, Paul Coates

Kieślowski and the Crisis of Documentary, Paul Coates

Krzysztof Kieślowski: Filmography, Paul Coates

Krzysztof Kieślowski: Selected Bibliography, Paul Coates

Lucid Dreams: The Films of Krzysztof Kieślowski, Paul Coates