Film Studies Publications


Research within Film Studies Publications explores the art of cinema from a multidisciplinary perspective, examining the history of film, visual and musical components and gender and sexuality.


Submissions from 1996

Alterity and Nation: Screening of Race, Sex, Gender and Ethnicity in Back to God's Country, Chris Gittings

Imperialism and Gender: Constructions of Masculinity, Christopher E. Gittings

Introduction, Christopher E. Gittings

'What are soldiers for?' Re-Making Masculinities in G.A. Henty and Timothy Findley's The Wars, Christopher E. Gittings


After the (Homo)sexual: Queer Readings of Anti-Sexuality in Sheri S. Tepper's The Gate to Women's Country, Wendy Gay Pearson

Submissions from 1995

A Case of Mixed Identities: The Representation of Women in Post-Socialist Polish Films, Janina Falkowska

‘The Political’ in Films of Andrzej Wajda and Krzysztof Kieslowski, Janina Falkowska

A Conversation With Alistair MacLeod, Chris Gittings

Canada and Scotland: Conceptualizing ‘Postcolonial’ Spaces, Chris Gittings

Re-Figuring Imperialism: Alasdair Gray, Leonard Cohen, Margaret Atwood and the Female Body, Christopher Gittings

Submissions from 1994

Film at the Intersection of High and Mass Culture, Paul Coates

The Scottish Ancestor: A Conversation with Alice Munro, Chris Gittings


A Collision of Discourse: Postcolonialisms and Postmodernisms in The Biggest Modern Woman of the World, Christopher Gittings


Smokin’ Tokens: thirtysomething and TV’s Queer Dilemma, Joe Wlodarz

Submissions from 1993

Fires Were Started: British Cinema and Thatcherism, Paul Coates

Submissions from 1992

Film and Phenomenology, Paul Coates

Metaphysical Love in Two Films by Krzysztof Kieślowski, Paul Coates


Revolutionary Spirits: The Wedding of Wajda and Wyspiański, Paul Coates

Sounds in the Empty Spaces of History: The Highland Clearances in Neil Gunn’s Highland River and Alistair MacLeod’s “The Road to Rankin’s Point", Chris Gittings

Eric McCormack’s ‘Institute for the Lost’: The Scottish Ex-Patriate Writer’s Reconstruction of Self and Place in English-Canadian Literature, Christopher Gittings

Submissions from 1991

Indelible Shadows: Film and the Holocaust (Annette Insdorf), Paul Coates

The Gorgon’s Gaze: German Cinema, Expressionism and the Image of Horror, Paul Coates

Submissions from 1990

Exile and Identity: Kieślowski and His Contemporaries, Paul Coates

Gardens of Stone: The Poetry of Zbigniew Herbert and Tadeusz Różewicz, Paul Coates


Repetition and Contradiction in the Films of Oshima, Paul Coates