Department of English Publications



Submissions from 2009

Performance and the City, D. J. Hopkins, Shelley Orr, and Kim Solga


Dr. Balachandra Rajan: From India to Canada, Fragments in Search of a Narrative - In Memoriam, Teresa Hubel


Building Utopia: Performance and the Fantasy of Urban Renewal in Contemporary Toronto, Laura Levin and Kim Solga

Zombies in Condoland, Laura Levin and Kim Solga

In Quest of Saga Styles in Merlínússpá, Russell Poole

Poetic Translation of Verses in Grettis saga, with Commentary, Russell Poole

Verses of Halli stirði, Russell Poole

At the City Limits, Kim Solga

Dress Suits to Hire and the Landscape of Queer Urbanity, Kim Solga

Urban Performance and Cultural Policy, Kim Solga


Violence against Women in Early Modern Performance: Invisible Acts, Kim Solga

Submissions from 2008


What I Didn’t Do on My Summer Vacation, Steven Bruhm


Body Doubles, Babel's Voices: Katie Mitchell's Iphigenia at Aulis and the Theatre of Sacrifice, Kim Solga

Vertical City: Staging Urban Discomfort, Kim Solga


The Line, the Crack, and the Possibility of Architecture: Figure, Ground, Feminist Performance, Kim Solga

Submissions from 2007


Byron and the Choreography of Queer Desire, Steven Bruhm


Ekphrasis: Its ‘Prolonged Echoes’ in Scandinavia, Russell Poole

Myth and Ritual in Eyvindr skáldaspillir’s Háleygjatal, Russell Poole


Blasted’s Hysteria: Rape, Realism, and the Thresholds of the Visible, Kim Solga

Submissions from 2006

Gothic Sexualities, Steven Bruhm


Nightmare on Sesame Street: or, the Self-Possessed Child, Steven Bruhm


“Orð eftir orð,” “orð eftir orði”: The Progress of the Dictionary of Old Norse Prose, Russell Poole


Some Southern Perspectives on Starcatherus, Russell Poole

Walkürenlied, Russell Poole

Wissensdichtung, Russell Poole