Department of English Publications


Research in the Department of English Publications covers a wide range of interdisciplinary fields, including theatre studies, theory, medieval studies, cultural studies, Indigenous studies, postcolonial literature and theory, queer studies, feminist and gender studies, ecological criticism, and digital humanities.


Submissions from 2005

The Nesjavísur of Sigvatr Þórðarson, Russell Poole


Building an Ethical Architecture: Habitat and the Shape of Radical Humanism, Kim Solga

Orpheus Descending: Tennessee Williams in Light and Shadow, Kim Solga


Tyranny of Bliss (Review), Kim Solga

Submissions from 2004


Gothic Masculinity: Effeminacy and the Supernatural in English and German Romanticism. (Book Review), Steven Bruhm


On Jerrold E. Hogle's The Undergrounds of The Phantom of the Opera: Sublimation and the Gothic in Leroux's Novel and Its Progeny, Steven Bruhm

Curiouser: On the Queerness of Children, Steven Bruhm and Natasha Hurley

Introduction to Curiouser: On the Queerness of Children, Steven Bruhm and Natasha Hurley

Introduction, Antonina Harbus and Russell Poole

Verbal Encounters: Anglo-Saxon and Old Norse Studies for Roberta Frank, Antonina Harbus and Russell Poole


In Search of the British Indian in British India: White Orphans, Kipling’s Kim, and Class in Colonial India, Teresa Hubel

Adverbial Genitives in Skaldic Poetry, Russell Poole

Claiming Kin, Skaldic-style, Russell Poole


Heinrich Beck and Else Ebel, editors. Studien zur Isländersaga: Festschrift für Rolf Heller, Russell Poole

Metre and Metrics, Russell Poole


Myth, Psychology, and Society in Grettis saga, Russell Poole

Old English Riddles, Russell Poole

Submissions from 2003


Queer Today, Gone Tomorrow, Steven Bruhm

Lof en eigi háð? The Riddle of Grettis saga Verse 14, Russell Poole


Mother Courage and its Abject: Reading the Violence of Identification, Kim Solga

Submissions from 2002


The Contemporary Gothic: Why We Need It, Steven Bruhm

The ‘Conversion Verses’ of Hallfreðr vandræðaskáld, Russell Poole

Two Students of Boethius, Russell Poole

Victorian Professionalism and Charlotte Brontë’s Villette, Russell Poole


The Savage Ambivalence of Delisle de la Drevetière, Kim Solga