Electrical and Computer Engineering Publications


Research in Electrical and Computer Engineering Publications falls into eight broad and interlaced areas. These research areas are applied electrostatics and electromagnetics, biomedical systems, computer-assisted medical interventions, communication systems and data networking, microsystems and digital signal processing, power systems engineering, robotics and control and software engineering.


Submissions from 2018

Improved model and experimental validation of deformation in fused filament fabrication of polylactic acid, Bas Wijnen, Paul Sanders, and Joshua M. Pearce

Fused particle fabrication 3-D printing: Recycled materials' optimization and mechanical properties, Aubrey L. Woern, Dennis J. Byard, Robert B. Oakley, Matthew J. Fiedler, Samantha L. Snabes, and Joshua M. Pearce

RepRapable Recyclebot: Open source 3-D printable extruder for converting plastic to 3-D printing filament, Aubrey L. Woern, Joseph R. McCaslin, Adam M. Pringle, and Joshua M. Pearce

3-D printable polymer pelletizer chopper for fused granular fabrication-based additive manufacturing, Aubrey L. Woern and Joshua M. Pearce

Tightening the loop on the circular economy: Coupled distributed recycling and manufacturing with recyclebot and RepRap 3-D printing, Shan Zhong and Joshua M. Pearce

Submissions from 2017


Development and Grasp Analysis of a Sensorized Underactuated Finger, Mahyar Abdeetedal and Mehrdad Kermani Ph.D., P.Eng.


Grasp Evaluation Method for Applying Static Loads leading to Beam Failure, Mahyar Abdeetedal and Mehrdad Kermani Ph.D., P.Eng.

Synthetic Method Dependent Physicochemical Properties and Electrochemical Performance of Ni-Doped ZnO, Chandrasekaran Abinaya, Thibeorchews Prasankumar, Sujin P. Jose, Kandasamy Anitha, Craig Ekstrum, Joshua M. Pearce, and Jeyanthinath Mayandi

Inhibition of growth of S. epidermidis by hydrothermally synthesized ZnO nanoplates, C. Abinaya, J. Mayandi, J. Osborne, M. Frost, C. Ekstrum, and J. M. Pearce

General Design Procedures for Airport-Based Solar Photovoltaic Systems, Anurag Anurag, Jiemin Zhang, Jephias Gwamuri, and Joshua M. Pearce


An ensemble learning framework for anomaly detection in building energy consumption, Daniel B. Araya, Katarina Grolinger, Hany F. ElYamany, Miriam AM Capretz, and Girma T. Bitsuamlak

Experimental characterization of heat transfer in an additively manufactured polymer heat exchanger, Martinus A. Arie, Amir H. Shooshtari, Ratnesh Tiwari, Serguei V. Dessiatoun, Michael M. Ohadi, and Joshua M. Pearce


Multimodal connectivity based eloquence score computation and visualisation for computer-aided neurosurgical path planning, Saeed M. Bakhshmand, Roy Eagleson, and Sandrine De Ribaupierre


MultiXplore: Visual exploration platform for multimodal neuroimaging data, Saeed M. Bakhshmand, Ali R. Khan, Sandrine de Ribaupierre, and Roy Eagleson


Grouping Environmental Factors Influencing Individual Decision-Making Behavior in Software Projects: A Cluster Analysis, Luiz Fernando Capretz


Soft Sides of Software, Luiz Fernando Capretz, Faheem Ahmed, and Fabio Queda Silva

Open-source automated mapping four-point probe, Handy Chandra, Spencer W. Allen, Shane W. Oberloier, Nupur Bihari, Jephias Gwamuri, and Joshua M. Pearce

Feeding everyone if the sun is obscured and industry is disabled, David C. Denkenberger, D. Dorothea Cole, Mohamed Abdelkhaliq, Michael Griswold, Allen B. Hundley, and Joshua M. Pearce


Editorial: Challenges for the usability of AR and VR for clinical neurosurgical procedures, Sandrine De Ribaupierre and Roy Eagleson

Open source laboratory sample rotator mixer and shaker, Karankumar C. Dhankani and Joshua M. Pearce


Development of augmented reality training simulator systems for neurosurgery using model-driven software engineering, Hamza Ghandorh, Justin Mackenzie, Roy Eagleson, and Sandrine De Ribaupierre


Finding an Effective Classification Technique to Develop a Software Team Composition Model, Abdul Rehman Gilal, Jafrezal Jaafar, Luiz Fernando Capretz, Mazni Omar, and Shuib Basri

Ambiance-dependent agglomeration and surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy response of self-assembled silver nanoparticles for plasmonic photovoltaic devices, Jephias Gwamuri, Ragavendran Venkatesan, Mehdi Sadatgol, Jeyanthinath Mayandi, Durdu O. Guney, and Joshua M. Pearce

Open source 3D printers: An appropriate technology for building low cost optics labs for the developing communities, J. Gwamuri and Joshua M. Pearce

Hypoeutectic aluminum-silicon alloy development for gmaw-based 3-D printing using wedge castings, Amberlee S. Haselhuhn, Paul G. Sanders, and Joshua M. Pearce