Electrical and Computer Engineering Publications


Research in Electrical and Computer Engineering Publications falls into eight broad and interlaced areas. These research areas are applied electrostatics and electromagnetics, biomedical systems, computer-assisted medical interventions, communication systems and data networking, microsystems and digital signal processing, power systems engineering, robotics and control and software engineering.


Submissions from 2017

CEPaaS: Complex Event Processing as a Service, Wilson A. Higashino, Miriam A. M. Capretz, and Luiz F. Bittencourt


Direct and Mediating Influences of User-Developer Perception Gaps in Requirements Understanding on User Participation, Jingdong Jia and Luiz Fernando Capretz

Thermal properties of 3-D printed polylactic acid-metal composites, John Laureto, Julie Tomasi, Julia A. King, and Joshua M. Pearce


A Gamification Framework for Sensor Data Analytics, Alexandra L'Heureux, Katarina Grolinger, Wilson A. Higashino, and Miriam A. M. Capretz


A RESTFUL service for aggregating state-based user performance data in simulator scenarios, Justin Mackenzie and Roy Eagleson

Agrivoltaic potential on grape farms in India, Prannay R. Malu, Utkarsh S. Sharma, and Joshua M. Pearce

3-D printing open-source click-MUAC bands for identification of malnutrition, Ross E. Michaels and Joshua M. Pearce

U.S. market for solar photovoltaic plug-and-play systems, Aishwarya S. Mundada, Emily W. Prehoda, and Joshua M. Pearce

Free and open source 3-d model customizer for websites to democratize design with openscad, Yuenyong Nilsiam and Joshua M. Pearce

Slicer and process improvements for open-source GMAW-based metal 3-D printing, Yuenyong Nilsiam, Paul Sanders, and Joshua M. Pearce

Factors effecting real-time optical monitoring of fused filament 3D printing, Siranee Nuchitprasitchai, Michael Roggemann, and Joshua M. Pearce

Maximizing returns for public funding of medical research with open-source hardware, J. M. Pearce

Impacts of open source hardware in science and engineering, Joshua M. Pearce

Life-Cycle Analysis of Distributed Manufacturing, Joshua M. Pearce

Design of post-consumer modification of standard solar modules to form large-area building-integrated photovoltaic roof slates, Joshua M. Pearce, Jay Meldrum, and Nolan Osborne

Micro-Raman Scattering of Nanoscale Silicon in Amorphous and Porous Silicon, Sangeetha Periasamy, Sasirekha Venkidusamy, Ragavendran Venkatesan, Jeyanthinath Mayandi, Joshua Pearce, Josefine Helene Selj, and Ramakrishnan Veerabahu

Low-cost open-source voltage and current monitor for gas metal arc weld 3D printing, A. Pinar, B. Wijnen, G. C. Anzalone, T. C. Hanvens, P. G. Sanders, and J. M. Pearce

Potential lives saved by replacing coal with solar photovoltaic electricity production in the U.S., Emily W. Prehoda and Joshua M. Pearce

U.S. strategic solar photovoltaic-powered microgrid deployment for enhanced national security, Emily W. Prehoda, Chelsea Schelly, and Joshua M. Pearce

Aquavoltaics: Synergies for dual use of water area for solar photovoltaic electricity generation and aquaculture, Adam M. Pringle, R. M. Handler, and J. M. Pearce


Would You Like to Motivate Software Testers? Ask Them How, Ronnie Santos, Cleyton Magalhaes, Jorge Correia-Neto, Fabio Queda Silva, Luiz Fernando Capretz, and Rodrigo Souza


Would You Like to Motivate Software Testers? Ask Them How, Ronnie Santos, Cleyton Magalhaes, Jorge S. Correia-Neto, Fabio Q. B. Silva Dr., Luiz Fernando Capretz, and Rodrigo E. C. Souza

Examining interconnection and net metering policy for distributed generation in the United States, Chelsea Schelly, Edward P. Louie, and Joshua M. Pearce

Tensile strength of commercial polymer materials for fused filament fabrication 3D printing, Nagendra G. Tanikella, Ben Wittbrodt, and Joshua M. Pearce


Deep Neural Networks With Confidence Sampling For Electrical Anomaly Detection, Norman L. Tasfi, Wilson A. Higashino, Katarina Grolinger, and Miriam A. M. Capretz