Electrical and Computer Engineering Publications


Research in Electrical and Computer Engineering Publications falls into eight broad and interlaced areas. These research areas are applied electrostatics and electromagnetics, biomedical systems, computer-assisted medical interventions, communication systems and data networking, microsystems and digital signal processing, power systems engineering, robotics and control and software engineering.


Submissions from 2019

Performance of Bifacial Photovoltaic Modules on a Dual-Axis Tracker in a High-Latitude, High-Albedo Environment, Laurie Burnham, Daniel Riley, Bevan Walker, and Joshua M. Pearce

Green fab lab applications of large-area waste polymer-based additive manufacturing, Dennis J. Byard, Aubrey L. Woern, Robert B. Oakley, Matthew J. Fiedler, Samantha L. Snabes, and Joshua M. Pearce


Comparing the Popularity of Testing Career among Canadian, Chinese, and Indian Students, Luiz Fernando Capretz, Pradeep Waychal, and Jingdong Jia


Studies on the Software Testing Profession, Luiz Fernando Capretz, Pradeep Waychal, Jingdong Jia, Daniel Varona, and Yadira Tejeda Saldaña

MACE nano-texture process applicable for both single- and multi-crystalline diamond-wire sawn Si solar cells, Kexun Chen, Jiawei Zha, Fenqin Hu, Xiaoya Ye, Shuai Zou, Ville Vähänissi, Joshua M. Pearce, Hele Savin, and Xiaodong Su

Expanded Microchannel Heat Exchanger: Nondestructive Evaluation, David C. Denkenberger, Michael J. Brandemuehl, Joshua M. Pearce, and John Zhai

Food without sun: price and life-saving potential, David Denkenberger, Joshua Pearce, Andrew Ray Taylor, and Ryan Black


Development of an EMG-based muscle health model for elbow trauma patients, Emma Farago, Shrikant Chinchalkar, Daniel J. Lizotte, and Ana Luisa Trejos


Generating Energy Data for Machine Learning with Recurrent Generative Adversarial Networks, Mohammad Navid Fekri, Ananda M. Ghosh, and Katarina Grolinger


Deep Learning: Edge-Cloud Data Analytics for IoT, Katarina Grolinger and Ananda M. Ghosh


Neural Network Models for Stock Selection Based on Fundamental Analysis, Yuxuan Huang, Luiz Fernando Capretz, and Danny Ho


A virtual-reality training simulator for cochlear implant surgery, Blake Jones, Seyed Alireza Rohani, Nelson Ong, Tarek Tayeh, Hanif M. Ladak, Ahmad Chalabi, and Sumit K. Agrawal

Ystruder: Open source multifunction extruder with sensing and monitoring capabilities, Ville Klar, Joshua M. Pearce, Pyry Kärki, and Petri Kuosmanen

Mechanical properties of ultraviolet-assisted paste extrusion and postextrusion ultraviolet-curing of three-dimensional printed biocomposites, Niklas Kretzschmar, Sami Lipponen, Ville Klar, Joshua M. Pearce, Tom L. Ranger, Jukka Seppälä, and Jouni Partanen


Can we rely on smartphone applications?, Sonia Meskini, Ali Bou Nassif, and Luiz Fernando Capretz


Automatic Recall of Software Lessons Learned for Software Project Managers, Tamer Mohamed Abdellatif Mohamed, Luiz Fernando Capretz, and Danny Ho

Compatibility of 3-D printed devices in cleanroom environments for semiconductor processing, T. P. Pasanen, G. von Gastrow, I. T.S. Heikkinen, V. Vähänissi, H. Savin, and J. M. Pearce

Towards quantifiable metricswarranting industry-wide corporate death penalties, Joshua M. Pearce

Low-cost open source ultrasound-sensing based navigational support for the visually impaired, Aliaksei L. Petsiuk and Joshua M. Pearce

Policies to overcome barriers for renewable energy distributed generation: A case study of utility structure and regulatory regimes in Michigan, Emily Prehoda, Joshua M. Pearce, and Chelsea Schelly


An Empirical Study of User Support Tools in Open Source Software, Arif Raza, Luiz Fernando Capretz, and Shuib Basri

Mechanical properties and applications of recycled polycarbonate particle material extrusion-based additive manufacturing, Matthew J. Reich, Aubrey L. Woern, Nagendra G. Tanikella, and Joshua M. Pearce

Differences in Snow Shedding in Photovoltaic Systems with Framed and Frameless Modules, Daniel Riley, Laurie Burnham, Bevan Walker, and Joshua M. Pearce

Scalable honeycomb top contact to increase the light absorption and reduce the series resistance of thin film solar cells, Mehdi Sadatgol, Nupur Bihari, Joshua M. Pearce, and Durdu O. Guney


Design and Job Rotation in Software Engineering: Results from an Industrial Study, Ronnie Santos, Maria Teresa Baldassarre, Fabio Q. B. Silva Dr., Cleyton Magalhaes, Luiz Fernando Capretz, and Jorge Correia-Neto