Research in Medical Biophysics Publications focuses on the application of physics in the human body and those of higher animals while examining topics such as blood flow, orthopedic mechanics, medical imaging and cancer biology. Research is conducted in partnership with clinicians at state-of-the-art facilities located at Western University, London Regional Cancer Program, Lawson Health Research Institute, Robarts Research Institute, and the London Health Sciences Centre.

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Submissions from 2019


A Phase I/II Trial of Fairly Brief Androgen Suppression and Stereotactic Radiation Therapy for High-Risk Prostate Cancer (FASTR-2): Preliminary Results and Toxicity Analysis, Laura Callan, Glenn Bauman, Jeff Chen, Michael Lock, Tracy Sexton, David D'Souza, and George Rodrigues

Interactive-Automatic Segmentation and Modelling of the Mitral Valve, Patrick Carnahan, Olivia Ginty, John Moore, Andras Lasso, Matthew A. Jolley, Christian Herz, Mehdi Eskandari, Daniel Bainbridge, and Terry M. Peters


Simultaneous R2∗ and quantitative susceptibility mapping measurement enables differentiation of thrombus hematocrit and age: An in vitro study at 3T, Spencer D. Christiansen, Junmin Liu, Michael B. Boffa, and Maria Drangova

In silico investigation of near-infrared light propagation in the joints of the human hand, David Cohen and Mamadou Diop


The Canadian Dementia Imaging Protocol: Harmonizing National Cohorts, Simon Duchesne, Isabelle Chouinard, Olivier Potvin, Vladimir S. Fonov, April Khademi, Robert Bartha, Pierre Bellec, D. Louis Collins, Maxime Descoteaux, Rick Hoge, Cheryl R. McCreary, Joel Ramirez, Christopher J.M. Scott, Eric E. Smith, Stephen C. Strother, and Sandra E. Black


3D vessel-wall virtual histology of whole-body perfused mice using a novel heavy element stain, P. Joy Dunmore-Buyze, Charmainne Cruje, Zengxuan Nong, Jason J. Lee, John A. Kiernan, J. Geoffrey Pickering, and Maria Drangova


Nonidentical twins with asthma: Spatially matched CT airway and MRI ventilation abnormalities, Rachel L Eddy, Alexander M Matheson, Sarah Svenningsen, Danielle Knipping, Christopher Licskai, David G McCormack, and Grace Parraga


Hyperpolarized Helium 3 MRI in Mild-to-Moderate Asthma: Prediction of Postbronchodilator Reversibility, Rachel L Eddy, Sarah Svenningsen, Christopher Licskai, David G McCormack, and Grace Parraga


Oscillometry and pulmonary magnetic resonance imaging in asthma and COPD, Rachel L Eddy, Andrew Westcott, Geoffrey N Maksym, Grace Parraga, and Ronald J Dandurand

Extending the dynamic range of biomedical micro-computed tomography for application to geomaterials., D R Edey, S I Pollmann, D Lorusso, M Drangova, R L Flemming, and D W Holdsworth

Extending the dynamic range of biomedical micro-computed tomography for application to geomaterials, D. R. Edey, S. I. Pollmann, D. Lorusso, M. Drangova, R. L. Flemming, and D. W. Holdsworth

Periostin and CCN2 Scaffolds Promote the Wound Healing Response in the Skin of Diabetic Mice, Christopher G. Elliott, Jiarong Wang, John T. Walker, Sarah Michelsons, Joy Dunmore-Buyze, Maria Drangova, Andrew Leask, and Douglas W. Hamilton


Prospective, multisite, international comparison of 18F-fluoromethylcholine PET/CT, multiparametric MRI, and 68Ga-HBED-CC PSMA-11 PET/CT in men with high-risk features and biochemical failure after radical prostatectomy: Clinical performance and patient outcomes, Louise Emmett, Ur Metser, Glenn Bauman, Rodney J. Hicks, Andrew Weickhardt, Ian D. Davis, Shonit Punwani, Greg Pond, Sue Chua, Bao Ho, Edward Johnston, Frederic Pouliot, and Andrew M. Scott

The BIN1 rs744373 SNP is associated with increased tau-PET levels and impaired memory, Nicolai Franzmeier, Anna Rubinski, Julia Neitzel, Michael Ewers, Michael W. Weiner, Paul Aisen, Ronald Petersen, Clifford R. Jack, William Jagust, John Q. Trojanowski, Arthur W. Toga, Laurel Beckett, Robert C. Green, Andrew J. Saykin, John Morris, Leslie M. Shaw, Zaven Khachaturian, Greg Sorensen, Lew Kuller, Marcus Raichle, Steven Paul, Peter Davies, Howard Fillit, Franz Hefti, David Holtzman, Marek M. Mesulam, William Potter, Peter Snyder, Adam Schwartz, Tom Montine, Ronald G. Thomas, and Michael Donohue


Eliminating the effects of motion during radiofrequency lesion delivery using a novel contact-force controller., Daniel Gelman, Allan C Skanes, Douglas L Jones, Michael Timofeyev, Tal Bar-On, and Maria Drangova


A preliminary magnetic resonance spectroscopy study of postmenopausal hormone effects on the brain, Alessandra Gianetto-Berruti, Amy L. Schranz, Robert Bartha, and Valter Feyles

Dynamic, patient-specific mitral valve modelling for planning transcatheter repairs, Olivia K. Ginty, John T. Moore, Mehdi Eskandari, Patrick Carnahan, Andras Lasso, Matthew A. Jolley, Mark Monaghan, and Terry M. Peters

A blood-based signature of cerebrospinal fluid Aβ 1–42 status, Benjamin Goudey, Bowen J. Fung, Christine Schieber, Noel G. Faux, Michael W. Weiner, Paul Aisen, Ronald Petersen, Clifford R. Jack, William Jagust, John Q. Trojanowki, Arthur W. Toga, Laurel Beckett, Robert C. Green, Andrew J. Saykin, John Morris, Leslie M. Shaw, Jeffrey Kaye, Joseph Quinn, Lisa Silbert, Betty Lind, Raina Carter, Sara Dolen, Lon S. Schneider, Sonia Pawluczyk, Mauricio Beccera, Liberty Teodoro, Bryan M. Spann, James Brewer, Helen Vanderswag, Adam Fleisher, Judith L. Heidebrink, and Joanne L. Lord

A Novel 2D Probability Density Function Integrating the Rectal Motion and Wall Thickness in Prostate IMRT, Grigor Grigorov, James C.L. Chow, Glenn Bauman, Johnson Darko, Alex Kiciak, and Ernest Osei

Accuracy assessment for the co-registration between optical and VIVE head-mounted display tracking, Leah A. Groves, Patrick Carnahan, Daniel R. Allen, Rankin Adam, Terry M. Peters, and Elvis C.S. Chen

Deep learning approach for automatic out-of-plane needle localisation for semi-automatic ultrasound probe calibration, Leah A. Groves, Blake VanBerlo, Terry M. Peters, and Elvis C.S. Chen

Towards a Mixed-Reality First Person Point of View Needle Navigation System, Leah Groves, Natalie Li, Terry M. Peters, and Elvis C.S. Chen

The effect of imaging and tracking parameters on ultrasound probe calibration robustness, Leah Groves, Adam Rankin, Terry Peters, and Elvis C.S. Chen

A framework for Fourier-decomposition free-breathing pulmonary 1H MRI ventilation measurements, Fumin Guo, Dante P I Capaldi, David G McCormack, Aaron Fenster, and Grace Parraga


Comparison of quality control methods for automated diffusion tensor imaging analysis pipelines, Seyyed M.H. Haddad, Christopher J.M. Scott, Miracle Ozzoude, Melissa F. Holmes, Stephen R. Arnott, Nuwan D. Nanayakkara, Joel Ramirez, Sandra E. Black, Dar Dowlatshahi, Stephen C. Strother, Richard H. Swartz, Sean Symons, Manuel Montero-Odasso, and Robert Bartha