Research in Medical Biophysics Publications focuses on the application of physics in the human body and those of higher animals while examining topics such as blood flow, orthopedic mechanics, medical imaging and cancer biology. Research is conducted in partnership with clinicians at state-of-the-art facilities located at Western University, London Regional Cancer Program, Lawson Health Research Institute, Robarts Research Institute, and the London Health Sciences Centre.

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Submissions from 2017

Vision-Based Surgical Field Defogging, Xiongbiao Luo, A. Jonathan McLeod, Stephen E. Pautler, Christopher M. Schlachta, and Terry M. Peters

Investigating the effects of cerebrospinal fluid removal on cerebral blood flow and oxidative metabolism in infants with post-hemorrhagic ventricular dilatation, Peter J. McLachlan, Jessica Kishimoto, Mamadou Diop, Daniel Milej, David S.C. Lee, Sandrine De Ribaupierre, and Keith St Lawrence

Analysis of periodicity in video sequences through dynamic linear modeling, A. Jonathan McLeod, Dante P.I. Capaldi, John S.H. Baxter, Grace Parraga, Xiongbiao Luo, and Terry M. Peters

Preface care 2017, Jonathan McLeod, Tobias Reichl, Xiongbiao Luo, Terry Peters, Kensaku Mori, and Andreas Uhl

Quantification of blood-brain barrier permeability by dynamic contrast-enhanced NIRS, Daniel Milej, Androu Abdalmalak, Lise Desjardins, Hassaan Ahmed, Ting Yim Lee, Mamadou Diop, and Keith St Lawrence

Hand-eye calibration for surgical cameras: a Procrustean Perspective-n-Point solution, Isabella Morgan, Uditha Jayarathne, Adam Rankin, Terry M. Peters, and Elvis C.S. Chen

Preface, Terry Peters, Guang Zhong Yang, Nassir Navab, Kensaku Mori, Xiongbiao Luo, Tobias Reichl, and Jonathan McLeod

Why Is Your Patient Still Short of Breath? Understanding the Complex Pathophysiology of Dyspnea in Chronic Kidney Disease, Fabio Rosario Salerno, Grace Parraga, and Christopher William McIntyre

Ultrashort echo time MRI biomarkers of asthma, Khadija Sheikh, Fumin Guo, Dante P I Capaldi, Alexei Ouriadov, Rachel L Eddy, Sarah Svenningsen, and Grace Parraga

Noncystic Fibrosis Bronchiectasis: Regional Abnormalities and Response to Airway Clearance Therapy Using Pulmonary Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Sarah Svenningsen, Fumin Guo, David G McCormack, and Grace Parraga

Hologram stability evaluation for Microsoft® HoloLens, Reid Vassallo, Adam Rankin, Elvis C.S. Chen, and Terry M. Peters

Submissions from 2016


Assessing the feasibility of time-resolved fNIRS to detect brain activity during motor imagery, Androu Abdalmalak, Daniel Milej, Mamadou Diop, Lorina Naci, Adrian M. Owen, and Keith St Lawrence

Individual feature maps: a patient-specific analysis tool with applications in temporal lobe epilepsy, Diego Cantor-Rivera, John S.H. Baxter, Sandrine de Ribaupierrre, Jonathan C. Lau, Seyed M. Mirsattari, Maged Goubran, Jorge G. Burneo, David A. Steven, Terry M. Peters, and Ali R. Khan


Imaging how and where we breathe oxygen: Another Big Short?, Dante P I Capaldi, Fumin Guo, and Grace Parraga


Pulmonary Imaging Biomarkers of Gas Trapping and Emphysema in COPD: (3)He MR Imaging and CT Parametric Response Maps, Dante P I Capaldi, Nanxi Zha, Fumin Guo, Damien Pike, David G McCormack, Miranda Kirby, and Grace Parraga

Guided ultrasound calibration: where, how, and how many calibration fiducials, Elvis C.S. Chen, Terry M. Peters, and Burton Ma

Three-dimensional ultrasound measurements of carotid vessel wall and plaque thickness and their relationship with pulmonary abnormalities in ex-smokers without airflow limitation, Jieyu Cheng, Damien Pike, Tommy W S Chow, Miranda Kirby, Grace Parraga, and Bernard Chiu

Augmented Reality System for Ultrasound Guidance of Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation, Maria E. Currie, A. Jonathan McLeod, John T. Moore, Michael W.A. Chu, Rajni Patel, Bob Kiaii, and Terry M. Peters

Ventilation Heterogeneity in Never-smokers and COPD:: Comparison of Pulmonary Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging with the Poorly Communicating Fraction Derived From Plethysmography., Christopher Davis, Khadija Sheikh, Damien Pike, Sarah Svenningsen, David G McCormack, Denis O'Donnell, J Alberto Neder, and Grace Parraga


Design and Evaluation of a Catheter Contact-Force Controller for Cardiac Ablation Therapy., Daniel Gelman, Allan C Skanes, Mohammad A Tavallaei, and Maria Drangova

Anatomical pulmonary magnetic resonance imaging segmentation for regional structure-function measurements of asthma, F Guo, S Svenningsen, R L Eddy, D P I Capaldi, K Sheikh, A Fenster, and G Parraga


Pulmonary CT and MRI phenotypes that help explain chronic pulmonary obstruction disease pathophysiology and outcomes, Eric A Hoffman, David A Lynch, R Graham Barr, Edwin J R van Beek, and Grace Parraga


Effect of Left Atrial Wall Thickness on Radiofrequency Ablation Success., Jiro Inoue, Allan C Skanes, Lorne J Gula, and Maria Drangova

Freehand 3D-US reconstruction with robust visual tracking with application to ultrasound-augmented laparoscopy, Uditha L. Jayarathne, Elvis C.S. Chen, John Moore, and Terry M. Peters

Stereoscopic motion magnification in minimally-invasive robotic prostatectomy, A. Jonathan McLeod, John S.H. Baxter, Uditha Jayarathne, Stephen Pautler, Terry M. Peters, and Xiongbiao Luo