Publications from the Health Studies Department aim to increase understanding of health and wellness and the changing health needs of society. Research includes health policy, gerontology, bioethics, and health measurement and statistics.


Submissions from 2002


Sublingual Atropine for Sialorrhea Secondary to Parkinsonism: A Pilot Study, H. Christopher Hyson, Andrew M. Johnson, and Mandar S. Jog


The Contextual Approach in Health Research: Two Empirical Studies, Anita Kothari

Submissions from 2001


Age and Neuropsychological Status Following Exposure to Violent Nonimpact Acceleration Forces in MVAs, James E. Sweeney and Andrew M. Johnson

Submissions from 1999


Individual Differences in Multiple Dimensions of Aggression: A Univariate and Multivariate Genetic Analysis, Philip A. Vernon, Julie M. McCarthy, Andrew M. Johnson, Kerry L. Jang, and Julie Aitken Harris

Submissions from 1998


Nature vs. Nurture: Are Leaders Born or Made? A Behavior Genetic Investigation of Leadership Style, Andrew M. Johnson, Philip A. Vernon, Julie M. McCarthy, Mindy Molson, Julie Aitken Harris, and Kerry L. Jang


Smoking Cessation, Physicians and Medical Office Staff: A Significant Opportunity for Clinical Tobacco Intervention in Prince Edward Island, Margo S. Rowan, Robert B. Coambs, Phyllis Jensen, Marilyn Balderston, David MacKenzie, and Anita Kothari