Western Libraries Undergraduate Research Awards (WLURAs)


What are the Western Libraries Undergraduate Research Awards (WLURAs)?

Monetary prizes offered to students who demonstrate outstanding research in three important ways:

  • An impressive use of library/archival sources for their research projects
  • A thoughtful reflection on the research process
  • A bibliography with proper citations.

How many awards are offered?

Five awards will be offered to deserving applicants on an annual basis.

What is the value of each award?

The value of each award is $1000 CAD, which includes group projects. Award winners of group projects will be divided evenly between all group members.

When are prize winners notified?

All prize winners and applicants will be notified via email by July 30, 2024.

What is Scholarship@Western?

Scholarship@Western is Western University’s institutional repository, which collects, disseminates, archives, and preserves materials created or sponsored by the Western community.

Who do I contact if I have any questions about the awards?

Contact the WLURA Adjudication Committee.