Western Libraries Undergraduate Research Awards (WLURAs)



Applicants must be full- or part-time undergraduate students in any year of study at Western or one of our affiliate university colleges (Brescia, Huron, and King’s). The following students are ineligible:

  • Holders of an undergraduate degree at Western or an equivalent institution.
  • Recipients of two WLURAs.


Applicants submitting group projects must meet the same criteria for individual applicants outlined above. Members of these groups should be aware of the following:

  • All group members must be listed in the application.
  • All group members must be undergraduate students.
  • Prize money will be divided equally among each group member.


Research projects must have been completed for a credit course or a recognized undergraduate program or initiative between May 2023 and April 2024. Sample projects include, but are not limited to:

  • Research papers
  • Posters
  • Presentations
  • Literature reviews
  • Creative writing assignments
  • Webpages
  • Videos
  • Music recitals
  • Podcasts
  • Upper-level theses projects


Research projects in all languages will be considered, but all other application materials must be written in English. Students submitting projects in languages other than English should contact the WLURA Adjudication Committee before proceeding with their application. We encourage all students to contact the Writing Support Centre to improve their writing.