Physics and Astronomy Publications


The research in Physics and Astronomy encompasses studies from the grand scale of planetary formation the slightest shifts in atmospheric pressure. Areas of study include star formation, astronomic theory, theoretical and experimental nanotechnology and medical physics.

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Submissions from 2016


Ten Simple Rules for Digital Data Storage, Edmund M. Hart, Pauline Barmby, David LeBauer, François Michonneau, Sarah Mount, Patrick Mulrooney, Timothée Poisot, Kara H. Woo, Naupaka B. Zimmerman, and Jeffrey W. Hollister


The dustier early-type galaxies deviate from late-type galaxies' scaling relations, S. Lianou, E. Xilouris, S. C. Madden, and P. Barmby


The JCMT nearby galaxies legacy survey-X. Environmental effects on the molecular gas and star formation properties of spiral galaxies, Angus Mok, C. D. Wilson, J. Golding, B. E. Warren, F. P. Israel, S. Serjeant, J. H. Knapen, J. R. Sánchez-Gallego, P. Barmby, G. J. Bendo, E. Rosolowsky, and P. van der Werf

KOMPANEETS MODEL FITTING of the ORION-ERIDANUS SUPERBUBBLE. II. THINKING OUTSIDE of BARNARD'S LOOP, Andy Pon, Bram B. Ochsendorf, João Alves, John Bally, Shantanu Basu, and Alexander G.G.M. Tielens


Star formation laws in the Andromeda galaxy: Gas, stars, metals and the surface density of star formation, S. Rahmani, S. Lianou, and P. Barmby


The extended disc and halo of the andromeda galaxy observed with spitzer-IRAC, Masoud Rafiei Ravandi, Pauline Barmby, Matthew L.N. Ashby, Seppo Laine, T. J. Davidge, Jenna Zhang, Luciana Bianchi, Arif Babul, and S. C. Chapman


Analytic Models of Brown Dwarfs and the Substellar Mass Limit, Sree Ram Valluri, Shantanu Basu, and Sayantan Auddy


Band structure and transport studies of half Heusler compound DyPdBi: An efficient thermoelectric material, Sree Ram Valluri, Ken Roberts, P C. Deshmukh, W Sundareswari, and S Krishnaveni


X-rays beware: The deepest Chandra catalogue of point sources in M31, N. Vulic, S. C. Gallagher, and P. Barmby

Submissions from 2015

Kinematics in partially ionized molecular clouds: Implications for the transition to coherence, Nicole D. Bailey, Shantanu Basu, and Paola Caselli

Molecular cloud fragmentation and core collapse, Shantanu Basu

An infrared census of dust in nearby galaxies with spitzer (DUSTiNGS). II. discovery of metal-poor dusty AGB stars, Martha L. Boyer, Kristen B.W. Mcquinn, Pauline Barmby, Alceste Z. Bonanos, Robert D. Gehrz, Karl D. Gordon, M. A.T. Groenewegen, Eric Lagadec, Daniel Lennon, Massimo Marengo, Iain Mcdonald, Margaret Meixner, Evan Skillman, G. C. Sloan, George Sonneborn, Jacco T.H. Van Loon, and Albert Zijlstra

An infrared census of dust in nearby galaxies with Spitzer (dustings). I. overview, Martha L. Boyer, Kristen B.W. McQuinn, Pauline Barmby, Alceste Z. Bonanos, Robert D. Gehrz, Karl D. Gordon, M. A.T. Groenewegen, Eric Lagadec, Daniel Lennon, Massimo Marengo, Margaret Meixner, Evan Skillman, G. C. Sloan, George Sonneborn, Jacco Th Van Loon, and Albert Zijlstra

The luminosity of population III star clusters, Alexander L. De Souza and Shantanu Basu


Dye Distance Mapping using Waveguide Evanescent Field Fluorescence Microscopy and its Application to Cell Biology, Frederik Fleissner, Michael Morawitz, S. Jeffrey Dixon, Uwe Langbein, and Silvia Mittler

Mid-infrared spectroscopy of the Andromeda galaxy, D. Hemachandra, P. Barmby, E. Peeters, S. P. Willner, M. L.N. Ashby, H. A. Smith, K. D. Gordon, D. A. Smith, and G. G. Fazio

AEGIS-X: Deep Chandra imaging of the central groth strip, K. Nandra, E. S. Laird, J. A. Aird, M. Salvato, A. Georgakakis, G. Barro, P. G. Perez-Gonzalez, P. Barmby, R. R. Chary, A. Coil, M. C. Cooper, M. Davis, M. Dickinson, S. M. Faber, G. G. Fazio, P. Guhathakurta, S. Gwyn, L. T. Hsu, J. S. Huang, R. J. Ivison, D. C. Koo, J. A. Newman, C. Rangel, T. Yamada, and C. Willmer


Gravitational wave background in the quasi-steady state cosmology, Sree Ram Valluri, Sayantan Auddy, J V. Narlikar, S V. Dhurandhar, and R G. Vishwakarma


Cosmic Background Radiation, Sree Ram Valluri and B G. Sidharth

Variable protostellar accretion with episodic bursts, Eduard I. Vorobyov and Shantanu Basu

Submissions from 2014


Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensing Properties of a 3D Nanostructure Consisting of Aligned Nanohole and Nanocone Arrays, Mohamadreza Najiminaini, Erden Ertorer, Bozena Kaminska, Silvia Mittler, and Jeffrey J.L. Carson

Submissions from 2013

Surface Immobilized Gold Nanoparticles by Organometallic Chemical Vapor Deposition on Amine Terminated Glass Surfaces, Erden Ertorer, Jessica C. Avery, Laura C. Pavelka, and Silvia Mittler


Influence of Electrostatic Forces on the Particle Propulsion in the Evanescent Field of Silver Ion-Exchanged Waveguides, Dmytro Gebennikov and Silvia Mittler


A Biosensor based on Periodic Arrays of Gold Nanodisks under Normal Transmission, Hao Jiang, Tingjie Li, Erden Ertorer, Jun Yang, Jayshri Sabarinathan, and Silvia Mittler


Optimization of Gold Nanoring Arrays for Biosensing in the Fiber-optic Communication Window, Hao Jiang, Tingjie Li, Jun Yang, Silvia Mittler, and Jayshri Sabarinathan