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Faith, Christian, Choice, Winnipeg, Integration, Learning


Coherence needs to be achieved in how teachers in K-12 Schools approach the integration of faith and learning. To achieve coherence, Christian schools must enable students to reflect critically on how their faith is connected to their learning and prepare them to live godly lives in God's world. Teachers at Prairie Christian School display low efficacy for faith and learning integration when they baptize their lessons with prayer and reference scriptural passages, hoping their students will catch faith messages. Failing to dynamically and intentionally integrate faith and learning distorts the Christian worldview of students, evidenced by several research studies, school climate surveys, and anecdotal observations. This Organizational Improvement Plan is motivated by the problem of practice initiative of improving teacher efficacy and leadership support to integrate faith and learning effectively at Prairie Christian School.. This narrative creates fertile conditions for school leadership through transformational servant leadership and shared instructional leadership principles to support teacher pedagogy in a professional learning community. The change process is examined through a Christian worldview and pedagogical constructivist lens to develop sustainable solutions. A comprehensive change implementation framework uses the theory of change model to monitor and evaluate the organizational change process and steer administration and faculty toward successful and sustainable outcomes and impacts at the school and system levels.

Keywords: Faith and learning integration, Christian worldview, professional learning community, shared instructional leadership, transformational servant leadership, coherence, efficacy, pedagogical constructivism

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