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Doctor of Education




Baseball, Sexual Misconduct, Ombuds, Advocacy, Competing Values Framework, Change Path Model


Anyone who experiences and wishes to report sexual misconduct should be supported and have resources available to them. The problem of practice addressed in this organizational improvement plan is the deficit of structures and supports for reporting sexual misconduct at Baseball X (a pseudonym), resulting in ineffective and inefficient reporting and investigatory processes. This plan is focused on analyzing Baseball X through multiple lenses and frameworks to identify potential solutions to this problem. To resolve this issue, the best solution is to embed strategic and intentional support systems into the organization and its culture. The theories of power, systems, and feminism that underlie Baseball X and this issue are explored, and change is viewed through a combined authentic and servant leadership lens. Baseball X’s organizational context is examined through Bolman and Deal’s four frames, Quinn’s competing values framework, Deszca et al.’s change path model, and Nadler and Tushman’s congruence model. Change implementation is guided by the plan, do, study, act model in alignment with the change path model. Communication and knowledge mobilization plans are also identified and outlined.