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Doctor of Education




school board governance, trust, leadership from the middle, organizational change



The contextual landscape for superintendents in Alberta is changing. Managing the board was once the main responsibility of the superintendent. With the implementation of the superintendent leadership quality standard, superintendents are now expected to demonstrate a number of competencies as part of their role. One major competency is supporting effective governance practices of the board they serve. This Organizational Improvement Plan (OIP) addresses the Problem of Practice (PoP) focused on building superintendent and trustee efficacy in moving towards more effective governance practices. The objective of this OIP is to introduce a new approach to governing which will result in effective governance practices. The intended outcome of developing effective governance practices is improved student success. This will require collaboration between superintendent, senior administration and the board of trustees in order for organizational change to occur, and be sustained. This process will require that trust be fostered and maintained throughout. Cultural and political factors must be taken into consideration, as well as respecting the history of the board and the jurisdiction. This will help maintain trust by the board that this change is designed to help them improve, as this process will challenge trustees to engage in significant changes to how they operate as a board and how they work with each other and the superintendent. It is recognized that this process will take time, and will utilize a leadership from the middle approach. Implementing a new approach to governance however will provide benefit to students and staff for many years to come.