Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Publications


Research in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering covers a vast range of studies that fit into six key areas of specialization. These are, biomaterials and biochemical engineering, environmental and green engineering, particle technologies and fluidization, macromolecular and materials engineering, reaction and process systems engineering, and water and energy.

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Submissions from 2022


Mass Advection–Diffusion in Creeping Flow Through an Orifice Plate: A Model for Nanoporous Atomically Thin Membranes, Harpreet Atwal, Anika Wong, and Michael Boutilier

Submissions from 2019


Novel Green Micro-Synthesis of Graphene-Titanium Dioxide Nano- Composites with Photo-Electrochemical Properties, Nourwanda M. Serour, Ahmed S.E. Hammad, Ahmed H. El-Shazly, Dina A. El-Gayar, and Shaaban A. Nosier

Submissions from 2013


3D scaffolds in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine: beyond structural templates?, Tierney GB Deluzio, Dawit Gezahegn Seifu, and Kibret Mequanint

Submissions from 2011


The Yin and Yang Actions of North American Ginseng Root in Modulating the Immune Function of Macrophages, Chike Godwin Azike, Paul Abrahams Charpentier, Jirui Hou, Hua Pei, and Edmund Man King Lui


A Comparison of Two Headless Compression Screws for Operative Treatment of Scaphoid Fractures, Ruby Grewal, Joseph Assini, David Sauder, Louis Ferreira, Jim Johnson, and Kenneth Faber

Submissions from 2010


Modification of Polymer Networks with Bone Sialoprotein Promotes Cell Attachment and Spreading, Wailen D. Chan, Harvey A. Goldberg, Graeme K. Hunter, S. J. Dixon, and Amin S. Rizkalla


Preparing Titania Aerogel Monolithic Chromatography Columns Using Supercritical Carbon Dioxide, Ruohong Sui, Suya Liu, Gilles A. Lajoie, and Paul A. Charpentier


Controlled Deposition of Highly Oriented Type I Collagen Mimicking In Vivo Collagen Structures, Annabell Tenboll, Behafarid Darvish, Weimin Hou, Anne-Sophie Duwez, S. Jeffrey Dixon, Harvey A. Goldberg, Bernd Grohe, and Silvia Mittler

Submissions from 2009


Tissue Engineering Scaffolds for the Regeneration of Craniofacial Bone, Wailan D. Chan, Hiran Perinpanayagam, Harvey A. Goldberg, Graeme K. Hunter, S. Jeffrey Dixon, Gildo C. Santos, and Amin S. Rizkalla


Adhesive Cementation of Etchable Ceramic Esthetic Restorations, Gildo Coelho Santos, Maria Jacinta Moraes Coelho Santos, and Amin S. Rizkalla

Documents from 2008

Optimization of Styrene Reactor Design for Two Objectives using a Genetic Algorithm, Yue Li, Gade P. Rangaiah, and Ajay Kumar Ray

Performance Enhancement of Photocatalytic Reactor Utilizing Flow Instability, Kanheya Mehrotra and Ajay Kumar Ray

Applications of the Non-Dominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm (NSGA) in Chemical Reaction Engineering, Anjana D. Nandasana, Ajay Kumar Ray, and Santosh K. Gupta

Performance Improvement and Dynamical Behaviour Analysis of a Cascade of Two CSTRs, Harvinder S. Sidhu, Simon D. Watt, Mark I. Nelson, and Ajay K. Ray

Equilibrium and Optimum: How to Kill Two Birds with One Stone?, Gregory Yablonsky and Ajay K. Ray

Documents from 2004


Mathematical Methods in Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Ajay K. Ray and Santosh K. Gupta