Anthropology Publications


The Department of Anthropology is divided into three major research areas: Sociocultural Anthropology, Archaeology and Bioarchaeology, and Linguistic Anthropology. The faculty includes members who carry out research in all of the main areas of anthropology from sociocultural to archaeology to biological to linguistics.

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Submissions from 2016


'They can learn to say my name': Redistributing Responsibility for Integrating Immigrants to Canada, Karen E. Pennesi

Submissions from 2015


Dietary Flexibility and Feeding Strategies of Eulemur: A Comparison with Propithecus, Hiroki Sato, Luca Santini, Erik R. Patel, Marco Campara, Nayuta Yamashita, Ian C. Colquhoun, and Giuseppe Donati

Submissions from 2014


A Statistical Investigation of Nonmetric Vertebral Traits with a Skeletal Population Sample from the Dakhleh Oasis, Tiffany A. Sarfo


Averting Lemur Extinctions amid Madagascar's Political Crisis, Christoph Schwitzer, Russell Mittermeier, Steig Johnson, Giuseppe Donati, Mitchell Irwin, Heather Peacock, Jonah Ratsimbazafy, Josia Razafindramanana, Edward E. Louis, Lounes Chikhi, Ian C. Colquhoun, Jennifer Tinsman, Ranier Dolch, Marni LaFleur, Stephen Nash, Erik Patel, Blanchard Randrianambinina, Tove Rasolofoharivelo, and Patricia C. Wright

Submissions from 2013


'Deviant' Burials in Archaeology, Jesslyn E. Hodgson

Submissions from 2011


A Review and Interspecific Comparison of Nocturnal and Cathemeral Strepsirhine Primate Olfactory Behavioural Ecology, Ian C. Colquhoun


A Synthetic Radiological Study of Brain Treatment in Ancient Egyptian Mummies, Andrew D. Wade, Andrew J. Nelson, and Greg J. Garvin

Submissions from 2010


Foreword, Andrew J. Nelson

Submissions from 2009

Análisis osteológico de los entierros del Palacio Ñain–An (ex-Bandelier), Andrew J. Nelson


Landscape Bioarchaeology at Pacatnamu, Peru: Inferring Mobility from δ13C and δ15N Values of Hair, Christine D. White, Andrew J. Nelson, Fred J. Longstaffe, G. Grupe, and A. Jung

Submissions from 2008

The Lady Hudson Project, P. Beauchesne, Ian Colquhoun, A. Cross, Fred Longstaffe, L. Marciano, Jessica Metcalfe, Andrew J. Nelson, A. Pawlowski, S. Wheeler, Christine D. White, and L. Williams


Body Segment Differences in Surface Area, Skin Temperature and 3D Displacement and the Estimation of Heat Balance during Locomotion in Hominins, Alan Cross, Mark Collard, and Andrew Nelson


Frontiers in Assessing the Role of Chemical Speciation and Natural Attenuation on the Bioavailability of Contaminants in the Terrestrial Environment, A. R. Gerson, C. Anasasio, S. Crowe, D. Fowle, B. Guo, I. Kennedy, E. Lombi, P. S. Nico, M. A. Marcus, Ronald R. Martin, Steven J. Naftel, Andrew J. Nelson, D. Paktunc, J. A. Roberts, C. G. Weisener, and M. L. Werner

Radiographic and Endoscopic Evaluation of Methodological Variations and Cranial Vault Developmental Anomalies among Peruvian Subadult Mummies and Skeletal Material Exhibiting Cultural Cranial Modification, S. Guillen, Andrew Nelson, G. Conlogue, and R. Beckett

Preliminary Report on the Radiographic Analysis of Three Egyptian Mummies, Andrew J. Nelson

Preliminary Report on the Radiological Examination of Hetep Bastet, Andrew J. Nelson

Report on Autopsy AC08-189, Andrew J. Nelson and Michael W. Spence

Submissions from 2007

Anti-Predator Strategies of Cathemeral Primates: Dealing with Predators of the Day and the Night, Ian C. Colquhoun


Preliminary Investigation of Element Distribution in the Cementum Rings of Human Teeth Using Time of Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectroscopy, Ronald R. Martin, A. Arnold, Andrew Nelson, and J. Francis


Metal Distributions in the Cementum Rings of Human Teeth: Possible Depositional Chronologies and Diagenesis, Ronald R. Martin, Steven J. Naftel, Andrew J. Nelson, A. B. Feilen, and A. Narvaez


Comparison of the Distributions of Bromine, Lead, and Zinc in Tooth and Bone from an Ancient Peruvian Burial Site by X-ray Fluorescence, Ronald R. Martin, Steven J. Naftel, Andrew J. Nelson, and William D. Sapp III

Submissions from 2006

Predation and cathemerality. Comparing the impact of predators on the activity patterns of lemurids and ceboids., Ian C. Colquhoun

Submissions from 2005


Comment, on Sutter & Cortez, 2005, The Origins and Roles of the Moche (AD 1-750) Human Sacrificial Victims: A Bio-archaeological Perspective, Andrew J. Nelson

Le Moustier 1 and the Interpretation of Stages in Neandertal Growth and Development, Andrew J. Nelson and J. L. Thompson

Estimated Age at Death and Sex of Le Moustier 1, J. L. Thompson and Andrew J. Nelson