Anthropology Publications


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Submissions from 2005

The Postcranial Skeleton of Le Moustier 1, J. L. Thompson and Andrew J. Nelson

Submissions from 2004


The Application of Radiography to Field Studies in Physical Anthropology, Gerald Conlogue, Andrew J. Nelson, and Sonia Guillén


Paleoradiology in Mummy Studies: The Sulman Mummy Project, Janet C. Gardner, Greg Garvin, Andrew J. Nelson, Gian Vascotto, and Gerald Conlogue


ARCHAEO-SCAN: Portable 3D Shape Measurement System for Archaeological Field Work, George K. Knopf and Andrew J. Nelson


Synchrotron X-ray Fluorescence and Trace Metals in the Cementum Rings of Human Teeth, Ronald R. Martin, Steven J. Naftel, Andrew J. Nelson, Andrea B. Feilen, and Alfredo Narvaez


Comment, on Shimada et al. 2004, An Integrated Analysis of Pre-hispanic Mortuary Practices: A Middle Sican Case Study, Andrew J. Nelson

Submissions from 2003


Time-of-flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry Analysis of Hair from Archaeological Remains, I. M. Kempson, W. M. Skinner, P. K. Kirkbride, Andrew J. Nelson, and Ronald R. Martin

Introduction, Gail E. Krovitz, Andrew J. Nelson, and J. L. Thompson

Hominid Growth and Development from Australopithecines to Middle Pleistocene Homo, Gail E. Krovitz, J. L. Thompson, and Andrew J. Nelson

Hominid Growth and Development in Upper Pleistocene Homo, Andrew J. Nelson, Gail E. Krovitz, and J. L. Thompson

In Search of the Ancient Peruvians: The Pacasmayo Museum Project, Andrew J. Nelson and Chris Nelson

Conclusions: Putting It All Together, Andrew J. Nelson, J. L. Thompson, and Gail E. Krovitz

Growth and Development in the Genus Homo, J. L. Thompson, Gail E. Krovitz, and Andrew John Nelson

Le Moustier 1 – Zusammenfassung einer studie, J. L. Thompson, Andrew J. Nelson, and B. Illerhaus

Hominid Growth and Development: The Modern Context, J. L. Thompson, Andrew J. Nelson, and Gail E. Krovitz

Submissions from 2002

Preliminary Synchrotron Analysis of Peruvian Mummy Hair, Ronald R. Martin, Steven Naftel, Andrew J. Nelson, I. Kempson, and W. Skinner

Adolescent Postcranial Growth in Homo neanderthalensis, Andrew J. Nelson and J. L. Thompson

3-D Imaging and Traditional Morphometric Analysis of the Adolescent Neandertal from Le Moustier, J. L. Thompson, Andrew J. Nelson, and B. Illerhaus

Submissions from 2001

Forensic Anthropology Preliminary Report – August 29, 2001 - Sifton Property - Westdel Bourne & Commissioners Road, Andrew J. Nelson

Submissions from 2000

Delhi Burial - Physical Anthropologist’s Report, Andrew J. Nelson

Osteobiografia de una hilandera precolumbina. La mujer detras de la mascara, Andrew J. Nelson, Chris S. Nelson, L. J. Castillo, and C. Mackey


The Place of Neandertals in the Evolution of Hominid Patterns of Growth and Development, Jennifer L. Thompson and Andrew J. Nelson

Submissions from 1999

The Use of the Polaroid Photographic Imaging System to Produce Radiographic Images at a Field Archaeological Site in Peru, G. Conlogue and Andrew J. Nelson

Growth and Development in Neandertals and Other Fossil Hominids: Implications for the Evolution of Hominid Ontogeny, Andrew J. Nelson and Jennifer L. Thompson

Submissions from 1998

Proyecto "Complejo Arqueologico de Moro". Campaña 1997. Informe Preliminar de Investigacion Arqueologica, L. J. Castillo, C. J. Mackey, and Andrew J. Nelson