Psychology Publications


The Psychology Department at Western has over 50 faculty members representing four Clusters of Research Excellence. Our faculty work with talented graduate and post-graduate students on cutting-edge questions about human and animal behavior. Undergraduate students in Psychology often participate in these exciting research programs. Clinical Science and Psychopathology (CSP) Cognitive, Developmental, and Brain Sciences (CDB) Industrial/Organizational Psychology (I/O) Social, Personality and Developmental Psychology (SPDP).

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Submissions from 1980

Behavioural Studies of the Meerkat (Suricata suricatta): An Illustration of an Alternative to "On-site" Research in Zoos, Greg Moran


Some Effects of Lick-contingent Delays on the Development of Schedule-induced Polydipsia, G. Moran and R. L. Rudolph

Submissions from 1979

A Search for Order in Wolf Social Behaviour, Greg Moran and J. C. Fentress

Submissions from 1975


Severe Food Deprivation: Some Thoughts Regarding its Exclusive Use, Greg Moran