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Doctor of Education




Cultural integration, Confucianism, Transformational leadership, Organizational change, Internationalization


This OIP investigates the lack of cultural integration and support for international students at Medium-Size Ontario University (MSOU). The support for cultural integration of the international students at MSOU is inadequate and international students are facing social, emotional and academic challenges as they are not provided with the needed assistance to acclimatize to Western culture. Three potential solutions to address the PoP are demonstrated and evaluated. The chosen solution of implementing extended orientation and workshops is inspected in detail. Transformational Leadership and Confucianism are examined to ensure their relevancy and appropriateness to address this PoP and OIP and connected to the chosen solution. Both faculty and staff in leadership roles can have a dramatic impact on the social, emotional and academic lives of their international students. However, faculty do not feel it is their role as academic leaders and unequip to provide the needed social and emotional support that would ease the challenges of living in Canada. This OIP seeks to identify the support structures that are required to ensure the successful cultural integration of international students at MSOU.