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instructional leadership, principal supervisor, communities of practice


The purpose of this Organizational Improvement Plan (OIP) is to assist districts, specifically senior educators, in utilizing practices designed to improve the capacity of principals for instructional leadership related to deep learning. This OIP is built on a theory of action that recognizes that principals play a critical role in creating the conditions for teachers and students to learn in meaningful ways. Under certain conditions, central office staff have a positive mediating role in enhancing principal instructional leadership and ultimately student learning. It is the premise of this OIP that when principal supervisors establish learning focused partnerships with principals, they increase the likelihood that principals will effectively impact teacher practice and create the conditions for students to learn at high levels. Building learning focused partnerships primarily involves creating communities of practice (CoPs) between principals and supervisors as well as among principals and teachers. This process is undergirded by the co-creation of leadership standards that serve as benchmarks for effective instructional leadership practice. Adaptive and distributed leadership approaches are utilized in response to this problem of practice and drive the implementation plan which focuses on reshaping the roles and practice of principal supervisors to make it possible for them to deepen adult and student learning.