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Employee Transfers, Employee Engagement, Human Resources, Employee Induction, TransX Model, LEAD Change Management Model


This Organizational Improvement Plan examines how to improve an employee’s experience when transferring between departments within an organization. This Organizational Improvement Plan includes a historical review of a Canadian retail organization. Based on this historical review, I identify gaps between current and future visions to show where problems with existing training and development practices need to be resolved to reduce front-line employee turnover within an organization. The strategies within this paper support leaders through LEAD: Listen, Explore, Act and Develop, Change Management Model. The LEAD Change Management Model is an adaptation of Cawsey, Deszca, and Ingols’ (2016) Change Path Model, wherein each step supports the change process. I propose three possible solutions to improve an employee who is transferring between departments. The best solution to resolve the problem of improving an employee moving between departments experience is creating a Training Manager position within the retail store. A Training Manager position could support both employee and leadership with training and development of staff who are moving between departments. I am the HR Manager and change agent within this Organizational Improvement Plan and I create an implementation plan using the TransX Model. The TransX Model is a hybrid of Leader-Member Exchange Theory and Transformational Leadership Theory, to facilitate this organizational change within an organization by creating a common vision. Finally, this Organizational Improvement Plan provides next steps as well as future considerations to enhance the Training Manager role within an organization.

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