Date of Submission

Spring 6-21-2017

Document Type



Doctor of Education



OIP Defense Chair

Dr. Elan Paulson


dual operating system, community of practice, principal collaboration, instructional leadership, adaptive leadership, agile leadership, servant leadership


This Organizational Improvement Project (OIP) explores a problem of practice (PoP) where the Association Office (AO), within a large, private school district (District), wishes to facilitate professional development of leadership skills, collaboration, and cooperation amongst the principals. Perspectives on the problem are gained through a thorough assessment of the District and its existing culture and practices. In addition, this OIP examines the District’s readiness for change and how both the internal and external forces for change can be used to create momentum to address the PoP. Various leadership approaches, including adaptive, agile, and servant leadership, and possible solutions are considered in response to the PoP. A change implementation plan that includes the adoption of a community of practice (CoP) is suggested as the focus of the OIP. The change implementation plan within the OIP focuses on planning and communicating the CoP to the various stakeholders. The proposed CoP will form part of a dual operating system of governance that operates outside the traditional hierarchy. The CoP would focus on building instructional and principal leadership skills while encouraging collaboration and cooperation with the principals and the AO. The ethical considerations of implementing a CoP as well as possible next steps are also discussed in this OIP. If implemented, it is proposed that this OIP will be successful in building relationships and leadership capacity among the principals and the AO within the District.