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historically marginalized communities, naturopathic medicine, communities of colour, diversity, faculty, transformational leadership, mentorship


Many healthcare training institutions lack cultural diversity, including naturopathic medicine. One potential reason is a lack of historically marginalized individuals applying to these medical schools. Attracting communities of colour to healthcare professions, like naturopathic medicine is important for improving healthcare access and delivery across all individuals within North America. This OIP explores the lack of diversity in applicants to the naturopathic medical program at a large multi-centre institution. The role that education and mentorship of faculty members can play to improve implicit biases and eventually encourage historically marginalized individuals to apply to the program is explored. Moreover, the OIP presents a plan using informal leadership with a transformational approach to motivate change including the practices of exemplary leadership. Also, the plan is outlined and communicated using the CPM, which includes a process for the practice of transformational leadership. Tracking success and challenges within the OIP are detailed in the monitoring and evaluation framework, which includes a self-assessment of biases and SWOT analysis. This process would eventually lead to a shift within the faculty’s culture, the effects of which could be widespread.