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Doctor of Education




international students, transitions, equity and inclusivity, transformational leadership, academic bridging program


International students comprise an increasing demographic on Canadian campuses and represent increasing diversity in the higher education sector. Student transitions to higher education relate to concepts of equity and inclusivity with respect to these institutions providing the best chances for all students to succeed. Similar to other higher education institutions in Canada, X University is in the unique and somewhat difficult position of navigating the effects of globalization. As X University has seen steady influxes of international students, the faculty, staff and domestic students are realizing that the international students themselves have been facing integration difficulties within the university and in its surrounding communities. This realization has led to the belief that the institution has been unequipped to tend to the unique needs of international learners, both on academic and socio-cultural levels. Thus, this organizational improvement plan (OIP) discusses the contextual factors influencing the institution’s problem of practice (PoP), potential solutions, the preferred solution of an academic bridging program for international students and the implementation plan. The goal is to ease the transition for international students and ensure their long-term success, since it has been identified that international students’ formative years of education differ greatly from those of the domestic Canadian students, leading to some learning gaps, integration challenges and academic unpreparedness when they arrive at the university. This difference leads to high rates of academic misconduct in the form of plagiarism and, in turn, negative attitudes towards the international students.