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Doctor of Education




Indigenous Professional Development, Indigenous Education, Critical Indigenous Theory, Appreciative Inquiry Model, Indigenous Leadership, Indigenous Cultural Training.


This Organizational Improvement Plan (OIP) explores Megwe'g School Board's (MSB, pseudonym) ongoing challenge to integrate Indigenous education into classrooms. The underlying cause is the need for Indigenous professional development and in-service learning opportunities for teachers to teach Indigenous education. Indigenous cultural teachings are embedded within the province's curriculum but are seldom taught as directed by the provincial curriculum guide. Three proposed solutions to the Problem of Practice will be examined. The Appreciative Inquiry change model was utilized as the framework for leading change for the selected proposed solution. Critical Indigenous Theory (CIT) was chosen for the Organizational Improvement Plan. CIT prioritizes the voices and lived experiences of Indigenous Peoples and places particular emphasis on their worldviews. The frameworks that align with CIT are Indigenous and authentic leadership methods. These leadership approaches will guide the proposed change plan in an Indigenous perspective. The Ontario Centre of Excellence’s Knowledge Mobilization Plan framework was implemented to communicate the need for change within the organization. The monitoring and evaluation tool used to measure, track and evaluate proposed change is the Plan-Do-Study-Act- model.