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Doctor of Education




andragogy, adult learners, negative-educational-experiences, trauma-informed practice, learner-retention


This Organizational Improvement Plan (OIP) aims to transform a learning environment for adult learners who have faced trauma and have had negative educational experiences. The OIP seeks to identify barriers to learning and well-being for this group and develop effective strategies to create a supportive and inclusive environment that promotes learner retention, engagement, and empowerment. Through the lens of transformational and servant leadership, the OIP incorporates actionable steps, including the development of trauma-informed andragogy into daily practices and interactions with adult learners, the provision of training and support for faculty and staff to understand the needs of this group of learners, and the establishment of support systems to promote learner well-being and engagement. Ideas and information gathered from experts, and existing literature will inform the OIP. These ideas include promoting a positive learning environment, providing support systems, and developing trauma-informed policies and practices.

By implementing strategies based on appreciative inquiry, the OIP aims to enhance the organization's overall effectiveness and promote learner success. The success of the OIP will be evaluated through ongoing feedback mechanisms, including surveys and focus groups, using an empowerment evaluation approach that focuses on outcomes, processes, and participation. Additionally, retention rates, learner engagement, and learner empowerment will be tracked to assess the impact of the plan. Overall, this OIP seeks to create a more supportive and inclusive learning environment that fosters transformation, empowerment, growth, well-being, retention, and engagement for adult learners who have faced trauma.