Kꙻ anilqꙻ a? is my ancestral Indigenous name. Though it is entered as a part of my last name in the form it is a unique name different from Perry N. Smith. I would like both names to be included as author names.

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Indigenization, Decolonization, Education, Curriculum, Indigenous, Implementation


School districts throughout British Columbia are grappling with indigenizing and decolonizing classroom instructional practices. The redesign of British Columbia’s curriculum has allowed educators to support indigenization and decolonization by including Indigenous curricular learning standards in each subject and every grade. Each district is responsible for ensuring that teachers at all levels implement the Indigenous curricular Learning standards in their classrooms. Implementing curricular learning standards that embed Indigenous knowledge, worldviews, and perspectives is challenging for many teachers. As many teachers do not have the background knowledge or skills to weave Indigenous worldviews and perspectives into the classroom effectively, implementing these new curricular learning standards is inequitable. This organizational improvement plan explores how the Sturgeon River School District (a pseudonym) can increase the implementation of Indigenous curricular learning standards in each school. This organizational improvement plan considers how a school district can increase the skill and will of classroom teachers to implement Indigenous worldviews and perspectives in the classroom utilizing Indigenous philosophical perspectives and transformational leadership strategies.