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Doctor of Education




problem-posing learning, critical theory, global competence



Promoting an adoption of an educational approach that combines compassion, critical pedagogy, and problem-posing learning encourages the re-connection and re-engagement of students to learning. Shifting the power relationship in the classroom and humanizing the school culture while supporting the acquisition of 21st century skills in students promotes critical citizens who focus on creating a more socially just world. As Freire (2000) articulated, postcolonial pedagogy should be connected ethically, conceptually, and politically to a greater pedagogy of liberation. This organizational improvement plan aims to create a strong culture of learning that promotes compassion and critical consciousness in a small, urban school in Alberta. This will be accomplished through changing teachers’ beliefs, skills, and attitudes and building their capacity through collaborative professional learning that focuses on supporting the transformation of educational practices to ones that promote student-centered, critical practices. Critical theory is the theoretical framework through which this transformation will occur. Focusing on the culture and challenging the power structures while developing critical consciousness will transform reflection into action in an effort to end oppression. Transformative and compassionate leadership approaches focusing on collaboration, communication, empathy, thinking critically, and acting with a purpose are instrumental in supporting the transformation of the school culture, teacher efficacy, and student learning. A two-to-three-year implementation plan includes the change process, a credible and vigorous communication framework, and a methodological triangulation method of monitoring and evaluating the progress and its success. The organizational improvement plan concludes with the consideration of next steps and future considerations for continued sustainability.

Keywords: critical pedagogy, critical consciousness, liberation, compassion, collaboration