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Indigenization of Curriculum, Multi-site Delivery, Post-Secondary, Shared Vision, Quality Assurance Practices


Canadian universities are expected to have policies to ensure program quality (Universities Canada, n.d.). To augment the existing institutional quality assurance practices, this Organizational Improvement Plan (OIP) suggests that the creation of a shared vision among faculty will enhance the learning outcomes achieved by students in a bachelor of education program. The integrity of the program has been challenged by various factors including the multi-site delivery model, the organizational culture, and the fusing of culturally distinct pedagogical approaches. To create a shared vision, a collaborative approach will be used. Faculty will work collegially to develop a shared vision and to embed that vision into program documents and practices. The Plan, Do, Study, Act change model will both guide the change process and provide a framework requiring faculty interaction. In addition to describing a change plan, obstacles to the successful implementation of the plan are considered and contextual realities are explored. Although the ultimate goal of the change plan is to assure that all program graduates are well prepared for their chose profession, the research and suggestions provided in this OIP can be adapted for use with other post-secondary programs.