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monetary awards, access, student affordability, equity-deserving students


In Canada, providing access to post-secondary education to everyone who wants it, is both a noble and multifaceted notion. This Organizational Improvement Plan (OIP) addresses one facet of accessibility to Lynnwood University (LYNU; a pseudonym), with a focus on monetary awards (e.g. scholarships). Like many institutions, LYNU has made public commitments in support of equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI), and has increased efforts to recruit equity-deserving students using monetary awards which will help offset concerns of student affordability. Access to financial resources is a key factor for many students and without it, they may be unable to pursue their education as monetary awards can provide some or all financial resources needed to pay for tuition and living expenses. LYNU monetary awards are governed under institutional policies that hold students to academic requirements, and students who do not meet these conditions will have their award funding rescinded. Students who lose their award are often placed in a position of financial distress, and some will have to abandon their studies as they can no longer afford to study at LYNU or be forced to take on employment to supplement their income which leaves less time to focus on their academic assignments. This OIP recommends immediate changes to monetary award policies at LYNU which will be considered radical by some, and long overdue by others, but will be focused on improving student access to post-secondary education and encouraging regular reviews of policies through an EDI lens.