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Doctor of Education




Critical race theory, Underrepresentation, Transformational inclusive leadership, Mentoring, anti-Black racism, Culturally relevant pedagogy.


The success of Black students has been at the forefront of discussion and planning in many school boards. As a result, we have seen many solutions and proposed solutions addressing anti-Black racism. Some of these solutions included de-streaming courses, revisions on how Black students were suspended, and the inclusion of culturally relevant pedagogy and critical race theory in the curriculum, to name a few. These institutionally proposed solutions are all great and even add value to the educational experience of Black students.

Although these strategies greatly enhance students’ experience, they fail to challenge the status quo of society. These strategies continue to preserve society’s status quo in which Black administrators are underrepresented in our schools. A society in which Black students rarely, if ever, see an administrator who looks or sound like them. This Organizational Improvement Plan (OIP) seeks to highlight the anti-Black racism that results in the underrepresentation of Black school administrators. It will also draw attention to the impact underrepresentation of Black administrators have on Black students, thereby increasing awareness and challenging society’s status quo. This OIP will be viewed using critical race theory (CRT) to break the shackles of anti-Black racism. This work comes at a crucial time when just as we are emerging from two and a half years break when everything, including anti-Black racism, came to a standstill due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The success of this OIP will be sought through transformational and inclusive leadership approaches, along with a mentoring solution aimed at working cohesively with all stakeholders to bring the plans of this OIP to reality.