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Doctor of Education




white supremacy culture, appreciative inquiry, medicine wheel, equity competencies, two-eyed seeing, braided approach


School leadership is a critical factor in disrupting systemic oppression and ensuring the achievement and well-being of all students. In Ontario, school administrators are charged with setting an equity agenda to foster safe and equitable learning conditions for all students. This PoP seeks to improve administrators’ mindsets on leading equitable schools, and this organizational improvement plan (OIP) leverages the principles of two-eyed seeing (2ES) to braid together the servant, appreciative, and transformative leadership styles which, stronger together, support sustainable solutions for change. A braided integrated approach of the medicine wheel, the Knoster model for managing complex change, and the appreciative inquiry (AI) model based on the prescribed 4 Ds of Discovery, Dream, Design and Destiny will also guide the organizational change process outlined herein. The parallels between these processes, in addition to their iterative and cyclical natures, ensures the alignment of each interconnected element to move forward in a good way. The integrated braided approach supports the parties most impacted by organizational change to co-construct their own knowledge and carve a sustainable path toward equitable leadership.