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faculty growth, organizational improvement, transformational leadership, Kotter's change model


In the school that is the focus of this Organizational Improvement Plan instructional strategies tend to be traditional, teacher-centred lectures followed by paper-based tests or essay assessments. The school has no formal teacher evaluation or growth plan. The goal of this OIP is to help teachers develop more diverse instructional methodologies through a process of self-reflection. This self-reflection will be facilitated through four instruments (self-evaluation rubrics, goal-setting, student-evaluations, and professional learning communities) that will be modified for our environment by a Development Committee chaired by the VP for Academics. Transformational and instructional leadership approaches will be used as the plan moves through Kotter’s (1995) Eight-Step Change Process. The Stages of Concern Questionnaire, part of the Concerns-Based Adoption Model (Hord et al., 1987) as well as a questionnaire developed by the author will be used to assess teachers’ acceptance of the change. The questionnaires associated with the Concerns-Based Adoption Model are available for adaptation and public use through the website of the American Institutes for Research (n.d.). The Plan-Do-Check-Act framework will be used to monitor the micro changes, which are the development of the four instruments, and the macro change, which is the culture shift to one of continuous teacher self-reflection and adoption of diverse instructional methods. This change process will emphasize constant communication with teachers through formal and informal channels to support teachers and to emphasize the importance of the project. It is expected this OIP will require two years for all teachers in the school to use all four instruments and begin to use new instructional methods. At that point, the Development Committee will become a standing committee within the school to help facilitate continuous teacher growth.