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Doctor of Education




academic quality, social responsibility, collective leadership, organizational learning theory, communities of practice, appreciative inquiry


The concepts of academic quality and social responsibility in post-secondary organizations are spacious yet becoming more intertwined. With stated organizational values grounded in excellence and diversity, this Organizational Improvement Plan (OIP) seeks to intersect a quality management framework with the equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) efforts at a multi-campus college in Atlantic Canada. Specifically, the problem of practice I aim to resolve is how a shared vision of academic quality may be created through an added lens of social responsibility among the academic leadership team. In order to achieve a shared vision of academic quality, there are two main goals central to this OIP: examine the newly developed APAE framework piloted through an international partner through a lens of local community and examine our quality standards through an EDI lens. Organizational learning theory provides insights into understanding how knowledge is created and used within the organization to accomplish these goals. Central to this initiative is a trianalogous leadership framework grounded in servant, transformational, and collective leadership ideologies used to guide the leadership team in a series of Academic Quality Leadership Lessons through a community of practice model. This process is supported by an appreciative inquiry modality which draws upon the strengths of current quality management initiatives and aims to bring about positive change by enhancing the leadership team’s knowledge of socially responsible quality management practices.