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Doctor of Education




Teacher morale, motivation, teacher leadership, adult education, authentic leadership, ethical leadership, Professional Learning Community, PLC


The purpose of this Organizational Improvement Plan (OIP) is to produce a comprehensive and actionable plan to the problem of low teacher morale at Crest Wood Adult Education School (CWAES) which is a small, but rapidly expanding adult newcomer education school located in Ontario. Teachers’ morale and motivation increases when good working conditions exist and when they are offered opportunities to develop their professionalism and skills (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, 2005). A professional learning community (PLC) is central to the facilitating such learning opportunities which can be leveraged to improve students’ success and achievements. Leadership approach and style plays a crucial role in any change or improvement initiative. This OIP is grounded within an authentic leadership framework that draws heavily on secondary research and the previous research work of various relevant scholars and practitioners within the field of educational leadership and management. Elements of inclusive and ethical leadership will also be integrated within this OIP. The timing of this OIP is especially relevant considering the Ontario Ministry of Education’s current initiative to develop and implement a provincial-wide adult education strategy to better support adult learners in their efforts to realise their educational goals (Ministry of Education, 2014a).