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Leadership, collaboration, autonomy, empowerment, functionalism, postmodernism


This document is an Organizational Improvement Plan (OIP). The purpose of the OIP is to address a specific problem of practice (PoP) at a private career college in Ontario (the College). The PoP at the College is the need for instructors to have autonomy and empowerment to be creative and engaged in a collaborative culture. An organizational analysis at the College determined that the present functionalist theoretical organizational framework and its hierarchical structure inhibit collaboration. After a comprehensive review of scholarly literature, this OIP recommends that a postmodernist theoretical organizational framework and a follower-centric approach to leadership using the transformational and authentic leadership theories be implemented. To substantiate the robustness of the recommendation, peer-reviewed articles and published books on educational leadership are chosen as they are established literature; over 200 references are used. A 3-pronged solution comprising defined autonomy, a collaborative council, and a community of practice is suggested. Kotter’s (1996) change process, congruent with postmodernism as well as the transformational and authentic leadership approaches, will guide the implementation of the change intervention. An implementation plan is developed and monitoring and evaluation strategies are advanced. Face-to-face meetings including one-on-one interviews, considered rich media, along with surveys and focus groups, are utilized to ensure optimal stakeholder engagement. This OIP then presents a communication plan that will inform and raise the awareness of stakeholders of the need for change while actively engaging them in bringing the change to fruition.

Keywords: leadership, autonomy, empowerment, collaboration, functionalism, postmodernism