Date of Submission

Spring 8-27-2017

Document Type



Doctor of Education



OIP Defense Chair

Dr. Elan Paulson


Andragogy, trans-theoretical model, TTM, intelligent learning model, ILM, transformational leadership


The topic of this organizational improvement plan is to improve the learning satisfaction of adult learners in professional programs who return to universities to attend formal academic courses or programmes in class while pursuing their employment. Its purpose is to promote and support the teaching faculty involved in such courses and programmes in adopting andragogical methods to support those adult learners and improve their learning experience. The research is informed organizational leadership, organizational change, and by andragogic theories. This study will impact adult learners, teaching faculty, administrators, and organizational culture as it relates to Continuing Professional Education (CPE), with particular focus on helping instructors teach adults better using more andragogical methods. It is expected that in doing so, they will improve their learning experience, academic achievement, recruiting and retention of the growing number of professional adult learners seeking formal education at universities. The design of this study is based on quality assurance and quality improvement. It is a research-informed quality improvement plan based on the trans-theoretical model (Prochaska & Velicer, 1997), the intelligent leadership model (Sydänmaanlakka, 2003), and transformational leadership (Burns, 1978; Bass, 1985). This study promotes an organizational culture of learning that meets the targeted needs of learners, to improve their learning experience, while bringing greater awareness of the needs of adult learning.