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Doctor of Education




multi-tiered system of support (MTSS), school mental health, student well-being, organizational change, leadership


This Organizational Improvement Plan (OIP) provides a template for addressing the lack of mental health support available to elementary school children. It focuses on the process that will be used at one elementary school to respond to internal and external pressure to provide mental health education. This organizational change is significant and requires a comprehensive change plan. This OIP demonstrates that continuous school improvement coupled with planning and commitment provides a framework, named the hybrid change model, that will ensure successful implementation of this change initiative. This framework includes five stages: study and commit, plan, build capacity, implement and monitor, and continuously improve. Various stakeholders have a role in addressing mental health. Although schools are significant contributors to mental health service delivery, their role is complemented with services provided by others. This plan proposes a multi-tiered system of support model for service delivery. In this model, schools proactively provide mental health education and initial identification and support. If more intensive interventions are required, other professionals are enlisted. This system emphasizes equity and ensures that all children receive education about mental health. Attention is given to leadership styles that are effective in leading similar change initiatives. Ideas for monitoring and evaluating success of the initiative are explored. The importance of communication is recognized, and a detailed plan is presented. Finally, the significance of continuous school improvement in improving results for children is highlighted. Strategies for providing support for others are considered so that mental health can become ubiquitous in education.