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Doctor of Education




Transformational Leadership, Critical Pedagogy, reading achievement, self-efficacy, teacher leadership



This Organizational Improvement Plan (OIP) aims to improve the low student reading achievement at an inner-city elementary community school in Saskatchewan, as set out by the provincial Education Sector Strategic Plan (ESSP). It is framed around a Problem of Practice (PoP), that is based on concerns relating to the difficulties associated with increasing student reading achievement in a high poverty school. With a central vision to develop a desired state of improving student reading achievement, this OIP is viewed through the lens of critical pedagogy. The use of transformational leadership in partnership with a liberal ideology and a critical approach has been developed for this OIP and is supported through Cawsey et al.’s (2016) Change Path Model as a change management approach. Possible solutions are discussed that include increased assessment intervals, increased teacher self-efficacy, and the implementation of a new professional development program. Employing a triangulated approach to implementation will serve both students and staff more effectively. With a long overdue need of addressing this reading shortfall, schools must begin to achieve the ambitious goal set out by the province.

Key words: Transformational Leadership, Critical Pedagogy, reading, teacher leadership, teacher learning, self-efficacy, Change Path Model, Plan-Do-Study-Act Cycle, Liberal ideology