Date of Submission

Summer 6-8-2017

Document Type



Doctor of Education



OIP Defense Chair

Dr. Elan Paulson


Teacher self-efficacy, collective teacher efficacy, integrated leadership, Social Cognitive Theory, equity, marginalized student population


My OIP examines the leadership essential for principals to develop teacher efficacy in working with marginalized student populations. Data suggests disconnects between a District vision of success for all and actual student success rates of marginalized students. Research shows that teacher self-efficacy (TSE) and collective teacher efficacy (CTE) correlates directly to student success. Ignoring efficacy as a construct when working to develop teachers is something that must not continue. Principals have a lead role to play.

Research on efficacy identifies instructional and transformational leadership practices by principals as influential. Efficacy is a contextual construct. As such, I share an integrated approach to principal leadership building from the theories and practices of instructional, transformational, distributed and inclusive leadership, allowing leadership to be contextual as well.

A comprehensive organizational analysis identifies three themes of focus, including principals working in a unionized environment, an absence of equity audits and systemic issues of bias towards marginalized students, and issues with communication practices within the District of focus. Plans for change include developing a shared understanding of Social Cognitive Theory (SCT) and means for developing efficacy through principal leadership between principals and the Teachers’ Union. I propose the development of School Leadership Teams as an overt means of distributing leadership while developing capacity in schools and between schools. Finally, I share plans for the implementation of a number of equity audit tools to inform practice and address issues of bias. The sharing of teacher success through professional learning communities and on-line collaboration platforms takes on increased importance in all three of these plans.

My OIP is significant in that it provides a clear path to develop both TSE and CTE through an integrated leadership model for principals, utilizing SCT. I provide also provide a number of future recommendations to build efficacy across a number of other domains in support of increased student success.