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Doctor of Education




school improvement planning, strategic agility, dynamic organizational tranformation, teacher leadership, complexity theory


This Organizational Improvement Plan addresses a K-6 principal’s leadership challenge of engaging teachers in implementing the strategies from the annual school improvement plan in a changing school context. The inquiry questions focus on increasing teacher voice, enabling collaborative professional learning, and facilitating dynamic organizational change. Drawing from complexity theory, School X is conceived as a complex adaptive system that exists within a broader eco-system, with organizational transformation occurring through complex responsive processes where human interactions and diversity are essential for shifting current thinking and behaviors. The principal proposes an authentic/adaptive leadership approach that integrates two change models to develop the Dynamic Innovative Generative change framework to lead teachers in a system-oriented and locally adapted process where teachers participate as leaders and co-creators of school improvement. A collaborative, short-term action planning protocol enables teachers to engage in student-centered, collaborative, and impactful school and practice improvement. This proposed solution addresses the current low level of readiness for teachers to engage in creative and collaborative professional learning. Supporting the principal in implementing the changes in this OIP is a detailed communication plan and strategies for adapting decisions and leading an agile school improvement process.