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Educational leadership, Higher Education, E-Pedagogy, Online Learning, Online Course Development


Post-secondary education in Ontario is rapidly transforming due to the changing needs of students which include an expectation of technology-enabled teaching methods and access to flexible learning options, such as online courses. The province of Ontario has responded by including innovative teaching methods and access to flexible learning options in their vision for post-secondary education. The institution discussed within this OIP has responded by offering online courses, however, there is a lack of development tools to support faculty when creating and implementing online courses. This Organizational Improvement Plan (OIP) examines how a polytechnic college can address this problem by developing appropriate supports for faculty, ensuring they feel competent and capable in their knowledge and abilities. Using transformational and adaptive leadership approaches, as well as Cawsey et al.’s (2016) Change Path Model, organizational readiness is assessed, the need for change is communicated, possible solutions are explored and a change process monitoring and communication plan is presented.

This problem of practice is significant, as in order to remain competitive as a post-secondary institution, its capacity to innovate has become a critical factor for its survival (Daher, 2016).