Nursing Publications


Research in Nursing Publications examines practical and theoretical aspects of the nursing profession, examining topics such as mental health, workplace management, domestic violence, specific case studies, and care for mothers and elderly patients.


Submissions from 2018


Assessment of Interprofessional Team Collaboration Scale (AITCS): Further Testing and Instrument Revision., Carole Orchard, Linda L Pederson, Emily Read, Cornelia Mahler, and Heather Laschinger

Submissions from 2017

Evaluating Dementia Home Care Practices: The reification of care norms, Ryan DeForge, Catherine Ward-Griffin, Oona St-Amant, Jodi Hall, Carol L. McWilliam, Dorothy Anne Forbes, Marita Kloseck, and Abe Oudshoorn

The Geographic Scope of Opiate Substitution Therapy in an Urban Area in Canada, Abe Oudshoorn and Ken W. Kirkwood

Submissions from 2016


Transitioning from Nursing Student to Clinical Teacher in Saudi Arabia, Aisha Namshan Aldawsari, Yolanda Babenko-Mould, and Mary-Anne Andrusyszyn

Relationships in Healthcare and Homelessness: Exploring solidarity, Abe Oudshoorn, Catherine Ward-Griffin, Helene Berman, Cheryl Forchuk, and Blake Poland


Improving Vascular Access Outcomes: Attributes of Arteriovenous Fistula Cannulation Success, Abram Oudshoorn

Submissions from 2015


Assessment of Learning Within Interprofessional Client-Centered Collaborative Practice -- Challenges and Solutions, Carole A. Orchard


Evaluation of Continuing interprofessional Client-Centered Collaborative Practice Programs, Carole A. Orchard


What is Competence in Client-Centered Collaborative Practice?, Carole A. Orchard and Lesley Bainbridge


Towards a Framework of Client-Centered Collaborative Practice, Carole A. Orchard and Carole Orchard

Using Unfolding Simulations to Teach Mental Health Concepts in Undergraduate Nursing Education, Abe Oudshoorn and Barbara Sinclair

Understanding Skill Acquisition Among Registered Nurses: the ‘perpetual novice’ phenomenon, Barbara Wilson, Lori Harwood, and Abe Oudshoorn

Submissions from 2014

Comment on: Archibald M.M. & Clark A.M. (2014) Twitter and nursing research: how diffusion ofinnovation theory can help uptake. Journal of Advanced Nursing 70(3), e3–5. doi:10.1111/jan.12343, Richard Booth and Abe Oudshoorn

Developing leadership practices in hospital-based nurse educators in an online learning community., Brenda J Stutsky and Heather K Spence Laschinger

Submissions from 2013

Psychiatric/psychosocial rehabilitation (PSR) in relation to residential environments: Housing and homelessness, Heather Atyeo and Cheryl Forchuk

Promises of Peace and Development. Mining and Violence in Guatemala, C. Susana Caxaj, Helene Berman, Jean-Paul Restoule, Colleen Varcoe, and Susan L. Ray

Expériences de victimisation chez de jeunes québécois dans différents contextes de vie., Mylene Fernet, Isabelle Bedard, Helene Berman, Jocelyn Proulx, Kathryn Levine, Margaret Jackson, Leslie Tutty, Jane Ursel, and Carmen Gill

Preventing Homelessness after Discharge from Psychiatric Wards. Perspectives of Consumers and Staff, Cheryl Forchuk, Mike Godin, Jeffrey Hoch, Shani Kingston-MacClure, Momodou S. Jeng, Liz Puddy, Rebecca Vann, and Elsabeth Jensen

Mental Health Engagement Network, Cheryl Forchuk, Abraham Rudnick, Jeffrey S. Hoch, Mike Godin, Lorie Donelle, Diane Rasmussen, Robbie Campbell, Walter Osoka, Betty Edwards, Elizabeth Osuch, Ross Norman, Beth Mitchell, Evelyn Vingilis, Jeffrey Reiss, Mike Petrenko, Deb Corring, and Meaghan McKillop

The value of the hospital-based nurse practitioner role: development of a team perspective framework, Christina J. Hurlock-Chorostecki, Cheryl Forchuk, Carole Orchard, Scott Reeves, and Mary van Soeren


A Time-lagged Analysis of the Effect of Authentic Leadership on Workplace Bullying, Burnout, and Occupational Turnover Intentions, Heather Laschinger and Roberta Fida

Creating Empowering Work Environments to Promote Professional Nursing Practice, Heather Laschinger and Ashley L. Grau

Authentic Leadership, Empowerment and Burnout: A Comparison in New Graduates and Experienced Nurses, Heather Laschinger, Carol A. Wong, and Ashley L. Grau

Part 1: The Influence of Personal and Situational Predictors on Nurses' Aspirations to Management Roles: Preliminary Findings of a National Survey of Canadian Nurses, Heather Laschinger, Carol A. Wong, Sandra Macdonald-Rencz, Vanessa Burkoski, Greta Cummings, Danielle D'Amour, Doris Grinspun, Mary-Ellen Gurnham, Sherri Huckstep, Michael Leiter, Karen Perkin, Maura MacPhee, Sue Matthews, L. O'Brien-Pallas, Judith Ritchie, Maurio Ruffolo, Leslie Vincent, Piotr Wilk, Joan Almost, Nancy Purdy, Frieda Daniels, and Ashley L. Grau

Workplace Incivility and New Graduate Nurses' Mental Health. The Protective Role of Resiliency, Heather Laschinger, Carol A Wong, Sandra Regan, Carol Young-Ritchie, and Pamela Bushell