Nursing Publications


Research in Nursing Publications examines practical and theoretical aspects of the nursing profession, examining topics such as mental health, workplace management, domestic violence, specific case studies, and care for mothers and elderly patients.


Submissions from 2013

Authentic leadership, performance, and job satisfaction: the mediating role of empowerment., Carol A Wong and Heather K S Laschinger

Part 2: Nurses' Career Aspirations to Management Roles: Qualitative Findings from a National Study of Canadian Nurses, Carol A. Wong, Heather Laschinger, Sandra Macdonald-Rencz, Vanessa Burkoski, Greta G. Cummings, Danielle D'Amour, Doris Grinspun, Mary-Ellen Gurnham, Sherri Huckstep, Michael Leiter, Karen Perkin, Maura MacPhee, Sue Matthews, L. O'Brien-Pallas, Judith Ritchie, Maurio Ruffolo, Leslie Vincent, Piotr Wilk, Joan Almost, Nancy Purdy, Frieda Daniels, and Ashley L. Grau

Submissions from 2012

Identifying Factors that Predict Women's Inability to Maintain Separation from an Abusive Partner, Eman Abdulmohsen Alhalal, Marilyn Ford-Gilboe, Mickey Kerr, and Lorraine Davies

Understanding gendered expectations and exemptions experienced by male double-duty caregivers: a qualitative secondary analysis., Ana Paula Anjos, Catherine Ward-Griffin, and Beverly Leipert


Nursing Students' Perceptions of Clinical Teachers' Use of Empowering Teaching Behaviours: Instrument Psychometrics and Application, Yolanda Babenko-Mould, Carrolll L. Iwasiw, Mary-Anne Andrusyszyn, Heather K. Spence Laschinger, and Wayne Weston

Integrating an Evidence-based Intervention into Clinical Practice: 'Transitional Relationship Model', Cheryl Forchuk, Mary-Lou Martin, Elsabeth Jensen, S. Ouseley, Patricia Sealy, G. Beal, W. Reynolds, and S. Sharkey

Integrating the Transitional Relationship Model into Clinical Practice, Cheryl Forchuk, Mary-Lou Martin, Elsabeth Jensen, Susan Ouseley, Patricia Sealy, Georgiana Beal, William Reynolds, and Siobhan Sharkey

Nurse Turnover: A Literature Review - An Update, Laureen J. Hayes, Linda O'Brien-Pallas, Christine Duffield, Judith Shamian, James Buchan, Frances Hughes, Heather Laschinger, and Nicola North

Burden of Womanhood: Tamil Women's Perceptions of Coping with Intimate Partner Violence, Pushpa Kanagaratnam, Robin Mason, Ilene Hyman, Lisa Manuel, Helene Berman, and Brenda Toner

Burden of Womanhood: Tamil Women's Perceptions of Coping with Intimate Partner Violence, Pushpa Kanagaratnam, Robin Mason, Ilene Hyman, Lisa Manuel, Helene Berman, and Brenda Toner


The Influence of Personal Dispositional Factors and Organizational Resources on Workplace Violence, Burnout, and Health Outcomes in New Graduate Nurses: A Cross-sectional Study, Heather K. Spence Laschinger and Ashley L. Grau


Predictors of New Graduate Nurses' Workplace Well-being: Testing the Job Demands-resources Model, Heather K. Spence Laschinger, Ashley L. Grau, Joan Finegan, and Piotr Wilk

Building Empowering Work Environments that Foster Civility and Organizational Trust, Heather Laschinger, Michael Leiter, Ara Day, Debra Gilin-Oore, and Sean Mackinnon


Workplace Violence in the Healthcare Setting, Michelle M.M. Lenssen and Shirley McCreery

Postraumatic Stress Disorder, History of, Susan L. Ray

Dramatizing Research: The Experience of Contemporary Peacekeepers Healing from Trauma, Susan L. Ray and Julie Salverson

Making Care Decisions in Home-based Dementia Care: Why Context Matters, Oona St-Amant, Catherine Ward-Griffin, Ryan T. Deforge, Abram Oudshoorn, Carol McWilliam, Dorothy Forbes, Marita Kloseck, and Jodi Hall

The meaning of a positive client-nurse relationship for senior home care clients with chronic disease., Liza J Turpin, Carol L McWilliam, and Catherine Ward-Griffin


Perceived Facilitators and Barriers to Physical Activity for Rural Youth: An Exploratory Study using Photovoice, Saagar Walia and Beverly Liepert

Supportive Care to Family Caregivers is not Supportive Enough: Moving towards an Equitable Approach to Dementia Home Care, Catherine Ward-Griffin


Dementia Home Care Resources: How Are We Managing?, Catherine Ward-Griffin, Jodi Hall, Ryan DeForge, Oona St-Amant, Carol McWilliam, Abram Oudshoorn, Dorothy Forbes, and Marita Klosek

Relational experiences of family caregivers providing home-based end-of-life care., Catherine Ward-Griffin, Carol L McWilliam, and Abram Oudshoorn

Negotiating Relational Practice Patterns in Palliative Home Care, Catherine Ward-Griffin, Carol McWilliam, and Abram Oudshoorn


Socio-cultural Aspects of Self-Management in Gestational Diabetes, Dhuha Youssef Wazqar and Marilyn K. Evans

Submissions from 2011


Mothers with mental illness experiencing homelessness: A critical analysis, Sarah Benbow, Cheryl Forchuk, and Susan L. Ray